Thursday, June 24, 2010

Taking Baby Steps

I am so very tired lately ... it has been rather stressful at work and, just to add joy to the mix, my doctors have been playing with my medication dosages ... all of which has been having a noticeable effect on my energy levels and on my ability to concentrate once the workday is done.
The result is that I am doing a little less stitching and what stitching I am doing is very, very simple ... taking baby steps, so to speak ... Shepherd's Bush's Be A Witch. Ten count tula can be so relaxing: large count, very soft hand, not the sort of thing that requires intense focus. And the design itself is so colorful and funky ... a real mood lifter. Hey, even baby steps will get you where you need to be ... it simply takes a little longer. This was a quick and easy finish but I hope I'll soon be back to enjoying my more complex projects ... but for the moment, it would be just an open invitation to the frog. Later on today, I'll return to finishing up my Thanksgiving ornaments. But everytime I glance at my pillowcase draped stitching stand, I feel guilty about neglecting my Autumn Faerie.

And though I have downloaded the last two lessons in my on-line crazy quilting class and will download another today, I haven't had the time or energy to keep up. I expect I will get back to it once I close the office on June 30. One blissful month without office drama ... I plan to get a lot of neglected chores round and about the house taken care of as well as catching up on my stitching and finishing goals.
At least I have a girls-night-out to look forward, my mother and sisters and I are celebrating my youngest sister's 50th birthday with an overnight in the city, taking in the Broadway play Mama Mia as well as dining at a trendy Italian restaurant, staying at the Millenium in the theater district for one night.


Carol said...

What a cute piece, Riona--haven't seen that before. It has so many fun details!

Hope your energy level improves--I've been having trouble myself, but I think it is this horrid humidity... Have a wonderful celebration with your mom and sisters--oh to be 50 again :)

Deepa said...

Hope you recover soon,Riona.5 more days to go for June 30th.Hold on!!!


Paula C. said...

This is such a cute project! I think the buttons really add something to it too. I may have to place another 123 order...