Friday, June 11, 2010

Some small progress ...

... on the Town Square SAL. At least, Monday evening was bright and beautiful while I worked with all this grey. Wednesday was overcast throughout the day though a bit cooler ... and I didn't even get some lunch-time stitching done since work was so hectic ... right up to 9:00pm. I'll work on this again today and tomorrow hoping to finish filling in the Dolphin grey in the taller tower. The sun is shining now but thunderstorms are predicted for the evening ... appropriate given the storm clouds in the design ... don't you think? Then, I'll be in the homestretch ... long-stitching the outlines of the granite blocks. I hope to finish this piece, and my three partially finished Thanksgiving ornaments this weekend as well as my May Bride's Tree SAL ornament. That way I can work almost exclusively on the Brightneedle piece, Ghosts and Ghoulies Etui, again during the next week.

The mail has given some satisfaction. The back ordered silk mori for my Thanksgiving Cornucopia ornament has arrived so I shall try to finish that ornament up in the next few days. The Valdani overdyed cotton that I wanted to try arrived the same day ... different package, from same online shop ... a waste of postage. But the threads were back-orders from two seperate orders and I guess the vendor doesn't cross-reference ... after all, the situation can't come up very often! I'll have to stitch a small project with the Valdani to check it out ... maybe a biscornu or cupcake pincushion. Then this evening, three skeins of GAST Maple Syrup were waiting for me, courtesy of Sharon. I haven't held them up to my unfinished PS Turkey ornament but at least two of them look very close to the DMC898 brown that is the dominant color in my piece ... so thanks to Sharon, I may not have to re-stitch the whole darn thing ... just frog out two rows I stitched with the wrong GAST hoping against hope that it would look right ... as if that ever happens!

On the other hand, I am still waiting for the May 15th piece in the RR ... It is June 11th and I have nothing to stitch ... well, that's not quite true ... what I mean to say is that I have nothing from the RR to stitch. I approach the mailbox with a little tune from childhood running through my head: "Nobody loves me, Everybody hates me, I'm going to eat some worms." I guess that means there is some tequila in my future! I think I prefer Amaretto. With the June 15th deadline looming, I confess to being a wee bit nervous ... how many days will I have to stitch my contribution on Jane's piece? 3-2-1-0 ? ! ? I am beginning to get very weary of this RR and expect I'll never participate in another. After writing the above, I got an e-mail stating that the piece had been mailed ordinary post on June 3rd and should take 7-10 days to get to me. The agreement at the beginning of the RR was to mail Priority with delivery confirmation! I can't even go on-line to track the dratted thing, since the sender didn't purchase delivery confirmation! So I can receive this piece anywhere up to June 13 leaving me between 3 [at best] to 2 [at worst] days to stitch my piece and then move it along on June 15. This is crazy-making and not at all the pleasurable stitching I was seeking when I joined the RR.


Dani - tkdchick said...

Love the stormy castle!

Vicky said...

Love the castle and hope the RR turns up soon.