Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Infamous Round Robin

The May 15th mailing arrived on June 14th ... one day before the deadline for mailing out again. And, since I had to attend the annual Parish Team dinner Monday night, I didn't get started on the project till Tuesday morning, June 15th. Happily, Jane's theme was simple: quilts hanging on a clothesline. I stitched from my head ... as a quilter, I know a lot of simple geometric repeating patterns and I chose one of my favorites that uses strips of graduated tones of a single color in the vertical repeat and of a contrasting color in the horizontal repeat ... a variation of the basic Log Cabin quilt. I used black to work the borders of the quilt and tones of green and rose to work the blocks. It was finished in time to go in the mail to Linda this morning ... though, I had to get up at 6am to finish the last bit of stitching in order to make it to the post office before the 11:30am Saturday closing time ... mailed four days late, to be sure, but considering I received it ONE frigging day before the mailing deadline, that's not too shabby.

Dolores' piece arrived from Tina in Thursday's mail and I will start work on that next week and anticipate no difficulty in meeting the July 15 mail date. Finally, I am back on track with this RR ... and I hope to stay that way, with no more month long delays in receiving pieces and no more resulting turbo stitching to remain even close to deadline.
I've got another piece of stitching that needs to be stitched to a deadline [July 11]: a name stole for an 8 year old I have prepared for Baptism. We can't very well give her the usual "white garment" given to infants at Baptism which is a bib. I will be making a stole and then stitching her name, Elizabeth Cora, and a shell with some water droplets falling from it. I'll start that tomorrow as well. I expect that will go very quickly since lettering always does.

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