Friday, January 15, 2010

Mom's Stash: Ribbon and Lace Trims Giveaway: Part II

Refer to yesterday's post for conditions of this giveaway. Today, I am moving on to the rest of the laces and all of the ribbons, cords and other trims. Click on photos to enlarge and to see greater detail.

Group 5: Deep Rose, Maroon and Red LacesGroup 6: Blue, Black and Grey LacesGroup 7: White Laces
Group 8: Ivory Laces [photos & lists posted 1/21]
First Photo
a] 2 & 1/2 yds of 1 1/4" wide flat ivory lace
b] 1 yd of 1 & 1/2" wide flat ivory lace
c] 5 yds of 1 & 7/16" wide ivory lace
d] 15 yds of 3/4" wide flat ivory lace
e] 3 & 1/2 yds of 1/2" wide flat ivory lace

Second Photo
f] 2 yds of 1/2" wide ruffled ivory lace
g] 1/3 yd of 3/4" wide ruffled ivory lace
h] 1 & 1/2 yds of 2 & 1/2" wide ruffled ivory lace
i] 1 & 1/2 yds of 2" wide ruffled ivory lace
j] 3 & 1/2 yds of 1/2" wide ruffled ivory lace

Third Photo [note: though I took these photos under my Ott lite, the colors are definitely not true]
k] 4 yds of 2" wide ruffled ivory lace with flat braid
l] 2 yds of 1 & 3/4" wide yellow lace
m] 1/2 yd of 1" wide yellow lace
n] 1/2 yd of 2" wide double ruffle yellow lace
o] 2 yds of 1/2" wide ruffled yellow lace

Group 9: Extra Wide Laces
First Photo: The first two items area flat laces with straight top edges and scalloped bottom edges . The last is a ruffled lace with openings through which you may run a 1/8" wnide ribbon.1/3 yd of 5" wide ecru lace
1/2 yd of 4 & 3/4" wide light taupe lace
2/3 yd of 5" wide ecru lace

Second Photo: This item is one piece of lace fabric but it appears that Mom has cut into it
22" square piece of white lace
Third Photo: This piece of eyelet is very delicate, the fabric is so thin it is almost transparent.
1 & 1/2 yds of 12" wide white eyelet, batisse weight
Fourth Photo: the measurement of the bottom lace in this photo includes the seam binding.
1 & 1/3yds 5 & 1/2" white ruffled eyelet, muslin weight
1 yd 2" wide white crocheted lace with seam binding.
Fifth Photo
2 & 1/3 yd of 7" wide white lace
6th photo
1 & 1/2 yds of 7" wide light taupe lace
1/3 yd of 4 & 1/2" wide ecru lace with rose pink satin ribbon

Group 10: Lace Fabric
a] 2 yds of 45" wide black and silver lace, rose pattern

b] 1 yd of 60" wide lace [see the small piece pulled from the fold for design]

c] 4 yds 60"wide white lace with scalloped selvages [see photo against blue seat of my sewing bench for design]

RIBBONS: I am not photographing or measuring these items ... we all know what a spool of ribbon looks like. I am also stating for the record that most of these spools have been "started" though there are quite a few untouched ones as well. Unless otherwise noted, ribbons are satin with a plain edge.
1/8" Ribbon5 spools white
1 card and 1 spool pale yellow
1 spool yellow gold
1 spool antique gold
1 spool and 1 card apricot
2 spools pale pink
1 spool pink
2 spools pale lavender
1 spool light purple
3 spools pale mint green
1 spool light green with gold metallic edging
1 spool pistachio green
1 spool dark green
2 spools pale blue
2 spools light blue
4 spools metallic gold

3/16" Ribbon
3 spools pink with picot edging
1 spool medium blue green
1 spool light blue green
1 spool pistachio green
1 spool navy blue
1 card medium blue with picot edging
1 spool royal blue
1 spool purple with gold edging
1 spool metallic gold

5/16" Ribbon
2 spools metallic gold
1 spool metallic silver
1 spool pink tafetta with satin edges
1 spool red
2 spools mint green with picot edges
1 spool apricot
1 spool blue with gold metallic edges
1 spool dark green with gold metallic edges
2 spools maroon with gold metallic edges

5/8" ribbons
1 spool brown tafetta
1 spool brown
1 spool gold tafetta with gold metallic edges
1 spool gold metallic
1 spool turquoise

1" and wider ribbons
1 spool white
1 spool sheer black
1 cut length [approx. 2 yds] baby blue
1 cut length [approx. 1 yd] baby pink

1 & 1/2" ribbon
1 cut length [approx. 1 yd] cranberry
1 spool white grosgrain with lace edges

Novelty Christmas ribbon: this one I will photograph and will offer to one person as a complete grab bag

Flat Braids and Other Flat Trims: These are useful for trimming pinkeeps or free-standing items.
First Photo: Left Row: Top to Bottom
a] 6 yds of 3/8" wide bright gold metallic flat braid
b] 8 & 1/2 yds of 3/8" wide silver metallic flat braid
c] 2 & 1/2 yds of 1/4" wide silver metallic flat braid
Center Row: Top to Bottom
d] 10 yds of 1/4" wide dull gold metallic flat braid
e] 5 yds of 1/4" wide red/green/gold flat braid
f] 3 yds of 1/4" wide white/gold flat braid
g] 1/2 yd each of red/green/silver & red/green/gold flat braid
Right Row: Top to Bottom
h] 5 yds of 1/4" dark green flat braid
i] 1 & 1/2 yds of 3/16" wide gold with cranberry ribbon flat braid
j] 2 yds of 1/4" wide dull & brigh gold flat braid
k] 3 yds of 1/8" wide red and gold flat braid
Second Photo: Left Row: Top to Bottom
l] 3 yds of 3/8" wide white satin rick-rack with gold trim
m] 2 yds of 1/4" wide black & gold rick-rack with red trim
n] 2 & 1/4 yds of 1/4" wide black & gold rick-rack with green trim
o] 3 & 1/2 yds of 1/4" wide black & gold rick-rack with maroon trim
Center Row: Top to Bottom
p] 3 & 1/2 yds of 1/2" wide gold metallic ruched ribbon
q] 2 yds of 1/2" wide rose pink satin ruched ribbon
r] 4 yds of 1/2" wide red satin ruched ribbon
s] 1/2 yd of 1/2" wide gold edged red ruched ribbon
Right Row: Top to Bottomt] 1 & 2/3 yds of 3/8" wide cranbverry cord piping
u] 3 & 1/3yds of 1/4" wide wine polished cotton piping
v] 1 & 1/3 yds of 1/4" wide dusty rose polished cotton piping

Left row: top to bottom
a] 9 yds of 1/8" gold metallic cord
b] 3 & 1/3 yds of 1/16" gold metallic cord
c] 3 yds of 1/8" rose pink cord
d] 3 yds of 3/16" bright green cord
e] 2 & 1/3 yds of 3/16" lavendar pink cord
Center row: top to bottom
f] 2 yds of 3/16" white cord
g] 2 yds of 1/3" red/green/gold wool & metallic cord
h] 10 yds of 1/16" green/gold cord
i] 11 & 1/2 yds of 1/8" gold & metallic gold cord
Right row: top to bottom
j] 2 & 1/2 yds of 1/16" red/gold cord
k] 8 yds of 1/8" brown & irridescent metallic cord
l] 4 yds of 1/4" metallic red and green "rose" cord
m] 5 & 1/2 yds of 1/4" baby blue "rose" cord
n] 11 yds of 1/4" blue and white "rose" cord

If I ever show signs of taking on a project like this again - making an inventory and staging a giveaway of another crafter's life-long stash - someone, anyone, please give me one "upside the head" as they say in da Bronx!!! There's still all the sewing fabric and notions to catalog and photograph and post. I simply dread going through all that and am tempted to just pack it up and hide it in a closet. My husband has suggested that as my mother sent it to me, I should send it to my daughter. He has a very cruel sense of humor. Besides, if I don't keep my vow to stitch from stash, that poor girl is going to have to go through all my own stash someday. This whole experience has strengthened my resolve to stitch from my own stash so Ange never has to face this sort of thing.


Paula C. said...

I would gladly accept the Christmas ribbon and trim. Please let me know what to send for postage. Thank you also for taking the time to do this. I know it would be much easier to take it to a thrift store but at least this way, fellow stitchers can make good use of it =)My email is thecrossens "at"

Nic said...

Yes, the thought of someone having to go through my stash ... well, it gives me shivers. It's been bad enough doing it myself for "The Year of the UFO" but it's been so good to see that people are willing to adopt the flingees...

Yvonne said...

It must be really hard to give them away. Your mum must had spent a lot of money on them. If you don't mind sending them to Denmark, I would like to have :

m] 5 & 1/2 yds of 1/4" baby blue "rose" cord
n] 11 yds of 1/4" blue and white "rose" cord

How much would you want for them + shipping fee? Would you prefer GC or via Paypal?


Rachel S said...


Line said...

Thanks a lot for your generosity.
I would be interested in the wide eyelet from Group 9 (3rd photo), as well as by a spool of 5/8" ribbon in turquoise & a spool of 3/16" ribbon in pistachio green.
Would it be possible for you to let me know how much this would cost, approximately? and if it would allow me to ask for more ribbon if you have some left?
Thanks a lot.
My email is linedupuy hotmail fr.

Casa Pearl said...

A great perspective for stitching from your own stash! I'm working on that perspective this year as well (and probably years to come!) as my family would never value my stash for what it's worth to another stitcher. Good luck on getting to the bottom of this immense stash.

Karen said...

I would love to re-home any of the "trims" you are giving to a new home. I do finishing and can always use more. hugs, karen

Blu said...

If still available I'd like
Group 8
c 3 yds
d 3 yds
k 3 yds

1/8" ribbon
Light blue 1 spool
Pale mint green 1 spool

Flat braid
b 3 yds

h 3 yds

Sew Wilde said...

I would be interested in R and S from the flat braid/trim. I would also be interested in 5yds of I, J, and 4 yds of K in the cording. My email is


luckyladylynda said...

Hi, Your great!! Do you have any lace left? I just found your blog. Never been in a blog before. I make AG Doll clothes and any small 1/2" lace would be great. I am also looking for some eyelet lace about 1 1/2" with some color on it, like 1K or 1L. Please let me know if you have any left. Thanks so much.