Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Stitching Statistics

As I delete my 2009 Cross Stitch and Sewing Finish lists, I want to record the following statistics:

Total Cross Stitch Finishes for 2009: 52
The Breakdown:
15 Mid-size projects
25 Ornaments
11 Biscornus and other smalls

Total Sewing Finishes for 2009: 55
The Breakdown:
5 Totes
3 Wall Hangings
4 Bell Pulls
2 Biscornus
33 Ornaments
8 Other [fobs, pin cushions, needlebooks, etc.]

Professional Framing Finish: 8.

It is odd to see my sewing finishes outnumbering the cross stitch finishes this year but of course, finishing was one of my major goals for 2009.

But the really odd thing is that
  • I started off 2009 with 27 pieces requiring a sewing finish in my sewing basket
  • I completed 55 sewing finishes in the course of the year
  • I currently have 22 pieces in the basket requiring sewing finishes in 2010
I am beginning to believe that the only way to completely catch up is to suspend all cross-stitching until the sewing basket is empty ... a draconian solution I am unwilling to try. And things will probably not be much better in this area in 2010 since two of my planned BAPs are stockings requiring, you guessed it, a sewing finish! Then there is the plan to stitch one Christmas and one Thanksgiving ornament each month producing another 2 pieces each month requiring a sewing finish, for a total of 24 through the course of the year. All but one of the Christmas pieces I have planned for 2010 will require professional framing finishes so at least they won't swell the number in the sewing basket though they may seriously deplete the checking account. But the Halloween pieces will, for the most part, require finishing as pillows and flat folds so I can expect the sewing basket to continue to be a source of projects throughout 2010.

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stitchinfiend said...

I am not strong at finishing off my stitching either. Maybe this year I should try harder.