Saturday, September 12, 2009

Stitching Bag Report

I thought instead of doing a standard WIP report, I would list the contents [and progress on] the items in the stitching bag I carry from home to work and back again.
JCS Sept/Oct. 2009 issue
This will probably stay in the stitching bag for the rest of the year since I will also be stitching the Monsterbubbles ornament, Halloween Revelry and Pomegranate Tapestry from this issue. I am currently stitching Glory Bee's Oct. 31 ornament, again on a higher count fabric then called for. Since I use my ornaments on one of those metal scrollwork table-top trees, I prefer smaller than usual ornaments. I generally substitute 32 or 36ct for the more usual 28ct or stitch over one on 25 or 28ct. In any case, I have just the lettering left to go ... I'll post a photo when it is assembled as a flat ornament. I have already made the twisted cord trim using DMC 920, 620 & 372 to match the GASTs: Fragrant Cloves, Gold Leaf & Old Hickory ... my husband , whose job is to hold one end of the cord as I man the drill, commented that I am "on a roll" with cording ... he should realize that I mastered cord-making just in time for the ornament making season ... and there will be a lot of the stuff made over the next few months. I am like a child with a new toy now that I actually know how to use my drill! I have ordered the few threads I didn't already have for the Monsterbubbles Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun, such a clever, off-beat and up-beat chart. I ordered from Stitchery Row in Endicott NY, a new-to-me shop and I have to say that I was very impressed by the friendliness of the gentleman who took my order and by the humor of his wife who interjected a few comments. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship since they carry so many of the special fibers I covet.
Brightneedle's Esmeralda's House: I ordered the Anchor and WDW for this since I didn't have them in my stash. I also ordered a few more of the DMC because I am using those in my current WIP, TW's Autumn Faerie, and I am afraid I won't have enough for both projects. I had planned on using this piece for my September Halloween piece until I realized how many flosses I was missing and substituting DMC for the Anchor would have meant trying to compare an Anchor color chart on a computer screen with a hand held DMC color chart. It just seemed easier to order the Anchor and the two WDW skeins I was missing. I hope to have the fibers within the next week and may still get to this piece this month but, just in case I don't, I have already stitched Glory Bee's Halloween Trio as my September Halloween "goal".
Workbasket's Quaker Cow and Sheep: I have made good progress on the Quaker Cow, having finished stitching the hindquarters and mid body area. I hope to have finished this piece by the end of the weekend. The Quaker Sheep is already kitted up with the Oatmeal Scones floss called for in the chart but I will have to stitch a small test swatch. I afraid that the floss will just fade into the Country Cream linen ... a floss toss shows sufficient contrast ... but only stitching will show the true effect.
Fertile Circle's Needlebook: I have continued to work on this a bit but there is no point in photographing it since the blending filament backstitching doesn't show up in a photograph [just as the gaps between the satin stitches rows of silk on the back cover don't show up in a photo] but, Lord, does it ever make a difference up close and personal. This sort of thing is the most boring and tedious of back stitching and I only do a bit of it when I am highly motivated ... I do expect to finish the piece this month ... even the sewing finish.
Beach Find Pansies Panel: I haven't done anymore on this in September and probably won't till I am done with the Fertile Circles Needlebook.
Workbasket's Rabbit Rondel Pincushion: I am assembling this as a mattress style cushion using ladder stitches ... but even with an Ott magnifying light, the threads in this over-one piece just seem to slip into the warp/woof of the linen whenever I try to work on it ... another piece I need to be highly motivated for ... I hope to muster up the energy before the month is done. It will be lovely when finally finished.
Homespun Elegance's Cat & Pumpkin Free Chart: I have stitched this many times before for trade and it always makes a hit. I pulled it out again when I realized I wasn't going to be able to give up any of the Glory Bee Halloween Trio ornaments. I need to contribute an ornament to a Grab Bag at a retreat I will be attending in October. I'll be starting on it shortly ... and just to make it a little more interesting, I'll be doing it on 28 ct, over one, and put it on a circular form ... when you do a design so often, you need to make all sorts of little changes to keep it fresh.
Non-stitching Items: I have these in the bag because I always have it with me and the theory is I will then be able to run my errands/do my business in the course of the day ... but with the beginning of the school year and all its accompanying chaos ... well, I do get all tied up at work.
  • The DMV receipt for the plates my daughter turned in two weeks ago. I have got to get them to the All-State office to get the car pulled from our insurance.
  • My new debit card, I need to call in to activate it and then put it in my wallet.
  • Vermont Country Store catalog: the good news is that I have gone down a dress size, the bad news is I need to order another dress to get me through the remaining warm weather. If I continue to procrastinate, I may have to fine a new catalog and search out some acceptable dresses for cooler weather. [I have been carrying this catalog around for three weeks now]
  • and, just added, the charts that I have to mail to my September giveaway winner.

Not in the bag: TW's Autumn Faerie, which is set up on my stitching stand for evening stitching.

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