Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And, Belatedly,Sunday Stitching Photos

My weekend projects:

Esmeralda's House [Brightneedle]: finished the attic. Now, if I do a room a week, I just might have this done in time for Halloween ... though it'll take another couple of hours to finish it as a wall hanging. I am not sure I can meet such a tight schedule but I will give it a shot because I am really enjoying this piece. Here's a close-up of the attic, I apologize for the fuzzy focus. I haven't been taking such good photos lately ... they look fine when viewed in the digital camera's viewscreen but then download like this. In any case, I have been ignoring other goals to stitch on this piece ... it is that much fun!!!

The Quaker Cow [Workbasket]: got quite a bit done on this ... just another couple of hours and I'll have a finish. But I had hoped to finish the Quaker Sheep as well this month ... but I got sidetracked by the five Halloween ornaments and Esmeralda's House. Sometimes, I just have to go with seasonal impulses. I have started decorating for Halloween, I have started browsing through some of my stitching motif books for Thanksgiving charts that can be made up as ornaments for the tree in the entry once I take down the Halloween ornaments. I have even culled some Christmas ornament charts from the binder where I save favorite Christmas charts. September through December is a great time of year for stitching ... such a lot of holiday decorating going on!!!


Cole said...

Esmerelda's House is soo cute!! I can't wait to see more :)

mainely stitching said...

Good luck with your room-a-week plan!! Love your progress so far!

Rachel S said...

They look great! You are right, this is the time of year when stitching gets fun!