Friday, June 26, 2009

A Miscellany

First, yesterday's weigh-in was not really a surprise: a gain of 1.5lbs, the natural consequence of eating in restaurants while on a ten day vacation. But I am back on track now that I am at home and expect next week's weigh-in to be a loss.

Second, I spent a few hours this morning sorting stash, putting away recent purchases and re-kitting the flosses for TW's Autumn Faerie so I can finally turn that UFO into a WIP and accomplish one of my remaining June goals [to stitch on the Autumn Faerie for 10 hours] while there is still some time to do so. I had planned to kit up TW's Woodland Angel Stocking at the same time but I had to pull so many DMC flosses for the Autumn Faerie that I suspect there would be too much cross-over if I tried to kit up the Woodland Angel at the same time. So Liam's stocking will have to wait a month or two.

Third, I finished Workbasket's Quaker Rooster on Wednesday night but only got around to photographing it this morning. I began work on the Quaker Pig immediately, using the usual 28ct Country Cream linen and for the floss, Caron Wildflower's Camouflage ... a fiber that is mostly a fairly saturated beige rose with some olive green. Pink or even a black/white combo might have been more realistic but it won't fit in with the color way I will be using for the fabrics in my quilt. In any case, the way I have moved from the Quaker Rabbit > Quaker Turtle > Quaker Rooster > Quaker Pig in the past 2 weeks seems to be the stitching equivalent of chain-smoking. No sooner do I finish one but I pick up another. They are just that addictive. And I still have the Cow and Sheep waiting in the wings. I also have the Peacock chart but I am not entirely certain I'll want that in the quilt. It'll probably end up as a pajama bag or throw pillow. I am hoping that the folks at Workbasket have a few more animals on the drawing boards. I just noticed that they have Halloween Quakers: An Owl and a Bat ... however did I miss that when it came out? Owls are one of my favorite motifs. I can see I will be ordering that along with the Polar Quakers within the week and that will bring me to my self-imposed limit of five chart purchases for 2009. I'd love to do a fox, a coyote, a squirrel or chipmunk and a deer for my woodland band and I'd like a chicken, a horse and a dog for my domestic band. I am thinking of writing the folks at Workbasket and suggesting these animals for their consideration. I'll put up a photo of the pig when I've done a bit more stitching on it - so far all I have done is the six point star at the very center.

Fourth, I placed an order with Elegant Stitch for the remaining flosses I need for the Quaker Animals I have on hand as well as for two more Workbasket charts I am anxious to get started on: The Quaker Sampler and Mermaids Singing. And, I have reorganized my binder of charts-to-be-done in current and near future rotations to reflect my summer moods. I believe The Sweetheart Tree's Holly and Hearts Sampler is going to be demoted to a UFO for awhile. I find myself craving more variety and more vibrant colors. I'll do a little gift stitching but most of my summer time stitching will be for me, me, me! And I plan to indulge myself with lots and lots of color.
Fifth, I kitted up and started two smalls that will add some variety to my stitching. The Guardian Chessie Christmas ornament from the 2005 JCS ornament issue which I will use as the "good" side of a door knob hanger I am making for my daughter. She is the proud caretaker of 6 cats of varying tempers and energy levels. So her doorknob hanger will have an angelic cat on one side and a cat skull and crossbones [already stitched on black linen] on the other. She'll be able to flip it to display the dominant feline mood of the day as a warning to all and sundry. Next, The Homespun Elegance 2001 ornament: A Santa with a Noah's Ark ... the perfect ornament to identify a package meant for my grandson, Liam Noah. I am using more of the Starquest overdyed linen from Silkweaver for these two pieces and I'll still have plenty left for a large project. This is the same linen on which I stitched my Rabbit Rondel ... and like the energizer bunny, this fabric just seems to keep going and going.

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