Friday, August 26, 2016

Ink Circles Celtic Beasties Halloween Ornaments

I've finished the Polipus.

These ornaments are like potato chips.  You can't stop at one.  So I started and finished another: the negative image No Heads.  This is meant to be four headless snakes twisted into a Celtic knot.  I used another scrap of 28 count Lakeside Linens Luna and a pale grey Catherine Jordan over dyed cotton for the border and filled in the background with Needle Necessities 133, a pretty blue green over dyed cotton.

And, of course, the negative image needs to be balanced by the positive, so here it is.  Still using the same 28 count Luna, I stitched the border in what was left of the Needle Necessities 133 and have started the snakes in a pale orange over dyed cotton from Catherine Jordan.

One of the pleasures of these projects is going through stash and finding partial skeins and cards of lovely floss that otherwise would never see the light of day.  Needle Necessities is a discontinued line and will never be called for in any new designs and Catherine Jordan is a private brand, probably used only in the classes she teaches.  Finding a use for these fibers is satisfying.


Stitchinowl said...

Pretty finishes! Isn't it nice to find a use for the partial skeins from specialty threads? I feel the same way when I find a small pattern that is a perfect fit for a leftover piece of hand-dyed fabric.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

These look great together and are a really good way of using up left over threads.
I like the idea of stitching the negative and positive of a design too. I considered doing that with the Ghostly Mandala but would rather stitch the other three Mandalas in the series than do one twice!

Maggee said...

I agree, using up partially used skeins that won't be called for in newer designs is a very good idea! I do that when starting a project that 'calls' for colors other than what is charted--which happens to me all the time! Hugs!