Saturday, November 8, 2014

Found Some Fall And Thanksgiving Pieces

I found some more Fall and Thanksgiving pieces though not the ones I was looking for.  I apparently have more than I realized.  Most of these were stitched a decade ago, so forgive me if I can't do more than guess at the provenance of some of them.  Added later the same day: If you read the comments section, you will see that Anna, from the Stitch Bitch blog, has identified three of the charts with doubtful provenance.  That leaves only the very first photo definitively and properly labeled.

I believe this is an LHN complimentary chart.  I stitched it on gingham linen using over-dyed cotton fibers.  Added 11/17/14:  Thanks to Trinabelle,  I can now identify this as Autumn Spots by The Trilogy.

This is a Prairie Schooler piece.  The leaflet included two other charts: a companion piece to this one with a Halloween motif centered around a witch on a broomstick and a harvest season scene complete with covered bridge, a farmer's wagon filled with pumpkins, a village street and some very colorful trees.  I have stitched the harvest scene as the top section of a round robin, now completed, but not yet turned into a wall hanging.  I have yet to stitch the Halloween piece.

This is one of the Shepherd's Bush  word series: this one being, of course, Leaf, stitched in the recommended overdyed cottons and using the buttons in the accessory pack. 

I can not recall the designer of this piece though it looks similar to the style of Cedar Springs charts I have done.  But it might be a Bent Creek piece.  I really cannot remember.  Added later: Thanks to Anna, [see comments] I now know this is a Bent Creek piece.

This is another free chart that I stitched a small scrap of gingham linen and, yet again, I cannot recall the designer.  Added later: Again, thanks to Anna, I now know this is Twisted Threads Pumpkin Gingham.  It is a purchased chart and not a free one, after all.

This a mini sampler from The Twisted Thread, framed in the recommended tin star frame.

Here is a shot of one of the still missing pieces.  I am going to have to tear the place apart looking for it.  It irks me that I can't find it.  This is The Blackbird Sampler by Bent Creek

And here is a photo of the other AWOL piece.  I am rather fond of both of them and I will obsess over these two pieces till I find them.  This was another free chart and may have come from Plum Street Samplers.  Added later: Thanks to Anna who left a comment identifying this as a San Man freebie, Shared Letters.

Well, there you have it!   The first six photos show pieces scattered about my townhouse and the last two photos show the pieces I can't find.


Vickie said...

Just wonderful! These are great.

CalamityJr said...

All are lovely, but I'd be right there looking for those final two. I'd also want them out in plain view.

Anna van Schurman said...

The one with "acorn" written across it is definitely Bent Creek. I took it as a class with them! The pumpkin on gingham is Twisted Threads "Pumpkin Gingham," not a freebie. But you've found some great pieces. Hope you locate the others.

Anna van Schurman said...

Just on a hunch I checked out San-Man Originals Free charts, and found your "Fall-leaf-acorn" chart. It's called "Sharing Letters"

Linda said...

More lovely pieces Regina. Those pieces will show up when your not looking for them.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

A lovely selection of framed pieces, the Shepherd's Bush is my favourite.
And a big well done to Anna for fillimg in the gaps!

Trinabelle said...

The first picture is of Autumn Spots! by The Triolgy, not LHN. I hope you find your wayward pieces; they're all lovely.