Thursday, November 20, 2014

And a bit more progress

It's hard to get excited about the limited amount of progress I have made on Flocking to Knit, the wool shop in the Town Square series.  But even minimal progress is still progress.  I am continually surprised at how much time and how many stitches actually go into these very small but intricately detailed little charts.  After stitching nearly 30 of the durn things, I should be accustomed to the process but no, I still expect to whip them out in a day or two.  I have this mindset that they are small and, because they are small, should take just a few hours to stitch.  

And yet, I am really not interested in any more exciting or challenging stitching.  I am in a rut and hope to pull myself out of it soon.  Bland seems to be my flavor of the month and I wonder how long it will continue to be so.  I expect it is because things are so tense and pressured at work that I need to dumb down the rest of my life. 

And speaking of dumbing down: I find I am watching way too much Grey's Anatomy on the Roku box.  The characters on the show are caricatures of themselves.  Add in the stilted political correctness of the scripts and one has to wonder if there is a formula stating there must be at least 6 incidents of recreational sex, 5 lesbian kisses/embraces, 4 references to single motherhood, 3 plot points involving post-traumatic stress disorder, 2 patients with bizarre issues, and 1 ever so ethnically and gender-ly balanced staff per episode to prove how very broadminded and liberated we all are.  And yet I am totally hooked on the series.  I must be losing an IQ point a minute.  Before my husband bought the Roku box, I had spent the last 20 or so years happily oblivious to network television programming.   And now, I have been sucked back into the maelstrom of mediocrity.  And I am liking it.  I am so ashamed.


Linda said...

Great design Regina and your getting there.


Julie said...

The smaller designs always seem to take so much longer than you think they will.

Maggee said...

Yes, we can't let the size of a project fool us! Have to look at all the stitches! For me, if it has specialty stitches--forget it! TV HAS gotten terrible! I surf TV a LOT trying to find something suitable for me! I can always listen to music or whatever... Hugs!