Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Goal Nearly Met

Since one week of November has already flown by with very little done on the stitching front, I thought I would start working on one of my simpler and more achievable goals for the month.  So here is a photo of the progress on my Town Square ornament of the month: The Pet Store.  I very deliberately chose to work on a simple chart because I want a quick finish.  I may stitch the Knit Shop, Flocking to Knit,  as well this month and finish up this goal for the year.  That way I will save the more elaborate Sandi's Sweet Shop for 2015.  It calls for quite a bit of DMC and the smaller floss bobbin cases I have for WIPs are both full: one with the floss for The English Band Sampler and the other with the floss for Piper's stocking.  I will wait till I free up one of those cases before kitting up the sweet shop.

I'll be on a religious retreat for a few days and I plan on bringing The English Band Sampler, the two Town Square pieces and the Prairie Schooler November round ornaments to work on in the quiet moments before bed time or to keep my hands busy when listening to lectures.  I'll be saving the simple fill stitching of the Pet Store and Flocking to Knit for the later.  I may also bring my nephew's blanket to crochet on the trip up and the trip back.  Again, I am focusing on easy pieces with lots of mindless repetition for the most part.  The only challenging piece I am taking is the sampler.  I am taking far more with me than I have any hope of finishing but then again, I certainly wouldn't want to run out of work.


Maggee said...

Hope your soul is filled while on the retreat!

Linda said...

Cute start Regina.


Ann said...

Good start on the Pet shop--and I don't know of a single stitcher who doesn't take more than can realistically be stitched on any outing!