Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bipolar Weather

I saw this very apt description of this week's weather on Monica Ferris' Killer Hobbies blog and can not take credit for the clever phrasing.  It certainly does describe the bounce from mid to high 50s back down to low 20s with wind chill further reducing it to single digits.  Though bitterly cold, the sun is shining brightly.  Considering the bleak skies Sunday through Wednesday, sunshine is a welcome relief.  This winter has been crazy in so many ways.  It is seriously upsetting people's behavior.  Everyone I meet seems crankier than usual, more prone to take offense over petty things, myself included.  Nerves are raw and emotions [especially the negative ones] seem quite close to the surface.  I can't wait for Spring to put an end to cabin fever and mellow us all out.

On the stitching front:

I did a little more work on my adaptation of the Whispered in the Wind ornament.

I have begun assembling the Town Square ornaments and just have to make some cording to trim them.

I have assembled a Columbus Day ornament.  This also needs cording.

I will show photos tomorrow when everything is complete.


Sweet Sue said...

Too funny... Bi-Polar in Rochester too, blizzard yesterday with over a foot of snow, today it's 50. Wishing you a pleasant and warmish weekend:)

Maggee said...

IF only my job's management would stop being Bipolar!! Waiting to see your stuff!

Julie said...

Bi polar weather .... great description, I love it.