Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Assessing July Goals

  • July Goals:
  • BAPs: Continue work on TWs Woodland Angel Christmas Stocking.  I am posting this in purple since have finally pulled this out again and have made some progress though not enough to warrant a blue post but more than enough for a red post.  I may have to concentrate on this exclusively for a while if I am to have any hope of finishing it in time for this Christmas.
  • Class Projects Challenge: Continue work on Mystic Smalls.  Nothing done on this group.
  • New Start: Finish Plum Street Sampler's Be True.  Oh, I am very close!
  • Sewing & Assembly Finishes: do three.  Not a one.
  • Town Square SAL: Finish The Cross Stitch Shop and stitch The Framing Shop.   Again, nothing.
  • UFOs: Resume work on The English Band Sampler.  Well, it is back in the current stitching bag.  So I guess that counts as resuming, though I have managed only an hour's stitching on the piece.
                   Off-goal stitching:  
                   Needlepoint: Continue work on Rice Pudding.  Have made considerable progress on this                       piece this month.
                   Halloween stitching: nearly finished Prairie Schooler's BOO!

                   Though I haven't made spectacular progress on any of my rotation pieces, I am simply happy to be stitching again after my seven week dry spell.  You might say I am easing my way back into my  usual routines.

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wilma b said...

a stitch at a least you got something done, now keep going!