Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mid-Week Musings

It's time to start planning the weekend finishing. I never did get to the Homespun Elegance pin cushions last weekend and I have been avoiding the four Prairie Schooler Seasons of ... pillows for a very long time though they have been on the goals list each month for the better part of this year. None of these finishes appears to be particularly difficult, just fiddly and time-consuming. So I believe the time has come to get to it. I have gathered the materials and tools necessary for these projects and laid them out on the dining room table. Finally, with them staring me in the face like this, perhaps, I may be guilted into finishing them this weekend. One other project I have laid out for the weekend is a series of owl finishes that I first saw on Erynne's blog. She is no longer blogging actively, at least, not under the same blog name. I miss her voice ... the voice of a very gifted young designer of cross-stitch and an able writer.


Rachel S said...

I think she has a new blog. Red House something. I'll find it for you. I plan on doing some hard-core finishing the weekend of Thanksgiving. This weekend is filled with getting the flowerbeds finished for the winter. Good luck with your efforts

Carissa said...

I've just started to delve into the realm of finishing and I'm NOT very good at it yet. I look forward to seeing your new finishes!