Friday, November 11, 2011

Back to Friday Finishing

These are the last two machine sewing finishes I managed before my sewing machine decided it simply wasn't going to function any longer ... there's a problem with the tension that is causing the needle thread to break constantly. A separate and unidentified issue is causing needles to break every so often as well. I have replaced needles three times in as many weeks. The first is HiH's Wee Bee made up into another pin pillow filled with ground walnut shells and trimmed with chenille. The second is a BBD design, Bird in Hand, finished in the same manner except that I don't have any chenille in an appropriate color. I'll have to do a little internet shopping to see what's available. A number of vendors are expanding their chenille lines so I am hopeful that I'll find a rose color or, at the very least, an ivory/eggshell color.

For the rest of the weekend, all finishes will have to involve hand-sewing ... unless, of course, my back-up machine is functional. But I seem to recall that it needs a trip to the repair shop as well. I may just break down and buy a new machine though I heartily dislike the thought of learning a new machine. These others have been old friends for 25 and 41 years respectively.


Rachel S said...

They look very nice! Good luck with your machines.

Carol said...

Very pretty finishes! I hope your machine can be repaired easily. I keep waiting for mine to go--at 35 years, it is just plugging along fine, but who knows when it gives out!

Mother of Mayhem said...


123Stitch has chenilles in both rose and soft ivory by Crescent Colors under the "New" Floss tab.

I think either color would look great with your finish.

Karen in Maryland