Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Never was a name more apt. What is it with this American obsession with shopping? Consumerism has been raised to the status of a religion! And the Friday after Thanksgiving has become its high holy day. We even observe a vigil: Thanksgiving itself has become Black Friday Eve, what with stores opening before the turkey has cooled on our plates.

We all make jokes about doing our bit for the "stimulus" or for the "recovery"! Well, this aging ex-hippie is quite content to make do, use it up or do without. While I do tend to take the chic out of shabby chic, I have absolutely no problem with a bit of wear and tear on my denim jumpers and jeans or some fraying on the strap of a cloth handbag. I have clothing, a coat, shoes, handbags, etc. that are older than my adult children ... and still perfectly usable/wearable in spite of a certain sister's opinion, thank you very much. While most millenials would think my PC hopelessly outdated - it's six years old - my computer does everything I need it to do. I actively resist upgrades to my cell phone - hell, I only know how to use its most basic functions, anyway. Why would I want more bells and whistles to ignore? I am not a total fanatic: when I need an item, I buy the best quality I can afford and then wear it or use it until it is no longer functional ... usually a decade or two or three later. I believe in proper maintenance, within reason, of cars and appliances. I mend my clothing, replace buttons, polish my shoes. What's wrong with making things last?

So, while many Americans are clogging the thruways and mobbing the malls, I may do a little stitching. If I shop at all, it will be at the local grocery store, which is usually nearly empty on Black Friday. Go figure: the one thing that is essential to our continued existence, i.e: FOOD ... is the one thing we don't shop for on the day devoted to shopping.


Cindy said...

Hear, Hear!! Nicely said! I am in total agreement! I decided many years ago .. that if I couldn't make it, I didn't give it! Any gifts that I give now are always homemade. I buy only the essentials for my husband and I and the stress level during the holidays as ended for us!

Have a nice weekend and I'll be stitching too, hehehe!

Carissa said...


I agree with you completely! Up until a few years ago I couldn't do Black Friday shopping even if I wanted to, cause DH worked retail. Since moving out of that field 4 years ago, I've only gone once and that was to buy a new Christmas tree and microwave at Target. This year, I'm even more aware of the amount of money that is spent on this day, because we don't have it to spend. DH had a heart attack this past Saturday and is off work for an unknown amount of time and still has another procedure to be done. With 3 children still at home, a daughter & son in law w/granddaughter and extended family it's going to be a holiday season spent on being especially thankful that even though my husband "died" he is still here with us to enjoy another holiday. This will be a time to reflect on our family and make some new traditions at Christmas with focus on why WE celebrate Christmas, which for our family is Christ love for us.

Parsley said...

I will not be shopping either! Crazy out there.

Chris said...

Very well said!
The grocery store was empty this nice.

Erica said...

I couldn't agree with you more!!!!
I have never felt so out of touch with the mainstream in my life!
This materialism mania is insame.

Berit said...

Have you heard about the "Respect the Bird" "Movement" on the 'net? I think there is a time for everything--some things (at some times) last decades, or perhaps not. I think at least a bit more of your attitude is needed by the average American, however!

As someone who comes from a family of hoarders my modified motto is "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or throw it out." (Minimizing hanging onto things for decades because they might be useful, or I might convert them into something. Gotta have an active short term repurpose plan or it goes to the Vets Thrift.)

I thought an hour ago about going to pick up some DMC I lack for a new start--but instead I am going to stitch a few more leaves on a WiP and meet with some friends for leftovers.

Happy Day-off-after-Thanksgiving-before-the-Weekend Friday! :D

mdgtjulie said...

I've heard some really crazy stories about Black Friday shopping. I like to go out and shop. It's fun to see the sales and I've never had anyone be rude to me. But I don't go out at an unreasonable hour (yes, I consider four AM unreasonable). If I have to stand in line, I don't complain. It's what happens on Black Friday. I don't throw things at people (or fits if they're out of something). It CAN be an enjoyable experience if you're open to it. Be nice, and people are usually nice to you.

Margaret said...

We don't have Thanksgiving in New Zealand and therefore no Black Friday sales but I am with you on the 'buy well and wear it long'. My half deaf half blind elderly mother has been known to tell me "you really need to get rid of that dear" - this philosophy can't be genetic though. My younegr sister is an ardent shopper!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I have honestly never heard of Black Friday before. The only time we put "black" in front of a day is when the stock market crashes so at first I thought it was another one of those!
I've been on a clothes diet this year. I bought one pair of cropped trousers and one pair of jeans as my old ones didn't fit anymore. I also bought a pair of black trousers and a black jumper for work and that is IT for the whole year! I'm so proud of myself.