Monday, December 29, 2008

Assessing 2008 stitching/Setting January Goals

It seems appropriate to catalog 2008's stitching accomplishments as well as assessing progress on December's specific goals.

So here goes:

First, did I meet my 2008 goals? The answer is that I have met some of them. I have finally managed to set reasonable and achievable monthly goals. I did stitch more for myself. I have kept up with current finishing and have even managed to make a small dent in the backlog of sewing finishes. I did learn to post pictures on my blog though I have not yet mastered the intricacies of Photobucket and posting to groups. I went over my 10 chart purchasing limit by 7 charts. I blog regularly but am not up to the every other day goal as yet.

The tally for the entire year 2008: 55 projects

---31 Smalls including 20 ornaments, 3 pinkeeps, 4 biscornus, 1 greeting card, 1 bookmark, 1 bib and 1 needlebook

---23 Medium projects: 9 of which were Christmas projects, 3 of which were Halloween projects while the other 11 covered a miscellany of themes and topics

---1 BAP: Raise the Roofs' Crabby All Year

I wonder how the people who do 5/25/50 manage that level of productivity. They must be retired and stitch all day, everyday. Either that or they must be speed demons.

December's Focus Projects:
2008 Mystic Stitcher's Hideaway Class Projects
--The Sweetheart Tree's Holly and Heart's Sampler: up to Row 13 and temporarily stalled ... I have been using the Christmas holiday to read and catch up on housework.
--The Sweetheart Tree's Holly and Heart's Ornament: Amadeus stitch done, vining started

2007 Mystic Stitcher's Hideaway Class Pieces: these will have to be carried over to January
December's Small WIP
--M Designs' Name Trees: Sean & Christina .... not a stitch
December's New Start
--TW Woodland Angel Christmas Stocking .... not a stitch
December's Planning
--Jane Austen Neighborhood .... well, I have pulled out some fabric and drawn a few diagrams but this is still very much an ongoing process
December's Finishing Goals: Okay, here's where I really got it together ... lots of sewing.
--Complete two from the backlog: Stitching for the Cure Ornament #1: Kylie's Heart and my needlebook from Mystic
--Keep up with current finishes: Stitching For the Cure Ornament #2: Dragonfly Stitches' Hope; Imaginating's Snowman Ornament [Promotional Chart], About Cross Stitch's Ruffled Diamond finished as a biscornu, Imaginating's Cardinal ornament, two Heart ornaments from the Gift of Stitching, Imaginating's Heart ornament, Imaginating's Rabbit ornament.
Now, to set January 2009 goals
-- Continue to Focus on the Stitcher's Hideaway Projects from 2008 and 2007
--Stitch and "finish" two ornaments for the Seasonal Ornaments challenge: one Christmas and one January theme
-- Put in at least 10 hours on Liam's stocking: TWentzler's Woodland Angel
--Put in at least 10 hours on Angela's next faerie: TWentzler's Autumn Faerie
--Finish 2 more projects from the sewing finish backlog and keep up with current finishes: inventory those projects to get a sense of how long it will take to handle the backlog

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