Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009 Stitching Resolutions

As a card-carrying member of Anal Retentives Anonymous and of Obsessive Compulsives International, it is only fitting that I should make a list of stitching resolutions for 2009.

Therefore, I hereby resolve to:
  1. Limit the purchases of new charts to 5 this year: primarily those needed to complete series I have begun purchasing already. Purchase only fabrics and floss needed to complete charts already in my possession. Do any and all chart shopping from my own stash which now numbers approx. 70 charts, not counting magazines and books.

  2. Stick to reasonable monthly goals consisting of one main Focus project, a medium project and a few smalls to provide variety and the immediate gratification of frequent finishes.

  3. Continue the plan of doing two sewing finishes from the backlog basket each month and keeping up with current finishes.

  4. Assign T Wentzler's Autumn Faerie and Woodland Angel Stocking top priority as BAPs for 2009.

  5. Assign the M Design Name Tree ornaments top priority as smalls for 2009 and using them to meet the monthly Christmas ornament portion of the Seasonal Monthly Ornament Blog challenges.

  6. Assign the Dragon Dreams, Sue Hillis, Prairie Schooler and Workbasket charts top priority as medium projects for 2009.

  7. Return my attention to my own design ideas, particularly the Ghandi quote sampler incorporating the colors and design motifs of sari fabrics into the rows and borders.

  8. Withdraw from exchanges to save money and focus on personal stitching goals in 2009.

  9. Work seriously on converting junk room into a stitching/sewing room.

  10. Try to blog every other day.

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Erynne said...

Seems like a very reasonable & responsible list Riona! I think many of us have to cut back on what we are spending, me included. The only supply that I want to buy this year is fabric and hopefully I can stick to that.
Number 7, on your list, has me intrigued. Hope to hear more about it in the future.

Happy New Year!