Monday, March 21, 2016

Primitive Needle's Witch's Hollow Continued

Normally, when stitching a multi page chart, I stitch a page at a time.  I make an exception to this rule when a page plays fast and loose with the natural dividing points in a design. This chart is divided into bands that overlap pages.  Not only that, but the first band is actually two bands bisected vertically and slightly off center by a tall tower.  The witch's tower is charted mostly on page one   but with just a bit on pages two, three and four.  For some reason I find this very irritating.  I need to stitch this motif in its entirety, not piecemeal. 

Consequently, I have been shuffling pages quite a bit,  First it was pages 1 and 2 to stitch the owl.  I soon noticed how perfectly symmetrical the owl's wings were and was able to simply stitch a mirror image of the left wing for the right wing.  There was no need to refer to the chart for that.  But then came the tower band with page 1 stopping mid-moon, mid-star, mid-bat, mid-witch  and lacking the bottom 15 or so rows of stitching  This irked me!  [By the by, don't you love the verb "irk"?  It is so very expressive.]    So, after a great deal of flipping about,  what you see in this photo is all of pages one and two, the top rows of page 3,  and a fair bit of page 4, 

I am probably the only stitcher on the planet who would prefer large charts to be printed like those old-fashioned folding road maps that we used before GPS.


Justine said...

I completely agree! It's very annoying juggling multiple pages especially when a motif spans four pages. Your sampler is looking lovely though!

Ann said...

I hate multiple pages!

Paula Lima said...

I agree! It is difficult to do good job with multiple pages to look at. I'm particularly careful not to forget to look for the repetitions in the different pages!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

This is a wonderful design!

I also dislike multiple pages. I much prefer one large page which I can make working copies of, usually making sure the middle of the design is on one page. I also make large overlaps when I copy them. None of this two rows fiddlieness, make it at least 20 rows!