Thursday, March 31, 2016

Assessing March Goals, Setting April Goals

MARCH GOALS  It must have been Spring Fever but I pretty much threw my goals out the window and started three new pieces.
1,  Complete at least 5 sewing or assembly finishes.  NO.
2.  Continue work on Jacobean Elegance Afghan.  NO.
3.  Start the next Workbasket Quaker animal.  Kitted but not started.
4.  Get back to work on Making Waves NO.
1.  Primitive Needle's Witch's Hollow: started and made considerable progress, completing the owl band and the double tower band and getting a good start on the cemetery band.
2.  DMC Heart Sampler: six of nine bands done.
Ink Circles Truly Endless Knot II: Finished.

Complete at least 5 sewing or assembly finishes.
Continue work on Jacobean Elegance Afghan.
Start work on  Workbasket Quaker Bear.
Continue work on Making Waves.
Continue work on Primitive Needle's Witch's Hollow
Continue work on DMC's Heart Sampler


CalamityJr said...

There's nothing wrong with stitching something that's calling to you, rather than something you're not enjoying!

Julie said...

I've had a lovely catch up read.... wonderful collection of samplers you've stitched,