Friday, January 8, 2016

Summing Up 2015

I am way behind with my usual year-in-review posts for some reason.  Perhaps the very poor performance noted in the Annual Goals review was demoralizing but I shall soldier on and take a clear-eyed look at a stitching review.  It wasn't exactly a banner year.

BAPs:  Total 1.  SANQ The English Band Sampler

Medium to Large Sized Projects:  Total 2 Large and 7 Medium.  Dragon Dreams' Dragon of the Summer Sky, Workbasket Quaker Owl, Workbasket Quaker Bat. Sue Donnelly's Best Ships sampler,  Prairie Schooler Primitive Americana: Elephant, Donkey, Sweet Land of Liberty Sampler, Uncle Sam, and Lady Liberty, CEC The Swimming Instructor, Plum Street Sampler Be True,  La-D-Da Something Wicked, Counted Illuminations The Goblin Market

Smalls:  Total: 26.  M Designs Name Tree: Sean.  Sue Donnelly's Making Waves at Sturbridge scissor fob. Ginny Thompson's Sampler ornament.   Cross My Heart Mint Tea Towel.  Morning Glory Needleworks Buttoned Heart pin cushion. Mill Hill Daffodil Easter Egg.   Cross Eyed Cricket's Ice Cream Carrot.  Victoria Sampler's Mystic Smalls: Scissor Fob.  PS Year Round: December, October, September,July, June, May, April, March, February and January.  PS Queen Bee,   PS promo Stars and Stripes.  Town Square series The Acededarium,  The Creamery and Sandie's Sweet Shop.  J. Douglas Halloween Acorn House,  Stitcher's Hideaway 2-13 Christmas Ornament.  Jeanette Douglas' Christmas Tree Ornament.  
  • C

Needlepomt: Total: 0

Crochet: Total: 1.  Liam's Crib Blanket

Sewing Finishes.  Total: 6.  Sue Donnelly's 2015 Making Waves souvenir scissor fob..  Morning Glory buttoned heart pincushion.  By the Bay's Acorn ornament.  Town Square series ornaments: The Pet Store, The Quilt Shop and The Silversmith.  Town Square series ornaments: The Fishmonger's Shop, the Gourmet Shop, Flocking to Knit.  Prairie Schooler Santa ornament.

This was probably my least productive year in decades.  I'll chalk it up to health issues and hope for a better 2016.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

It's still a pretty good total and there are some lovely projects on your list.
My total was also much lower than usual but I focused on larger projects instead of so many smalls.

Maggee said...

Your last year working kept you extra-busy, plus you had eye surgery!! Not a bad lot of stitching, when you factor all that in the mix!

Julie said...

It's quite a list of finishes and what lovely ones they were too.