Monday, November 30, 2015

Weekly WIP Status Report

It's been two weels since I got the list down to 10.  But then, as you might expect, startitis kicked in.  I really wanted to start CEC's Sleepy Hollow but I didn't have a suitable linen and have to order the suggested linen as well as some of the suggested WDW floss.  But Something Wicked This Way Comes caught my eye and that became the 11th item.  I also started  the last of the Praurue Schooler Year Rounds, the December Santa, to bring the list up to an even dozen.

La-D-Da Something Wicked
PS December Year Round

The Goblin Markert

  • The Jacobean Elegance afghan - with 15 more squares to be stitched.
  • Making Waves needlepoint project - with more than 3/4s of the bargello rows and more than 2/3s of the eyelet area to be stitched.
  • My own design, Fertile Circles needle book, the back panel needs finishing.
  • My own design, Beach Find Pansies, to be completed and incorporated into an embellished crazy quilt square
  • The Victoria Sampler Mystic Smalls class project - I need to stitch the needle book and the biscornu
  • Another needlepoint project, Rice Pudding, using many variations of the rice stitch.
  • Yet another needlepoint project, an Owl, again a project using lots of specialty stitches.
  • Piper's Christmas stocking  adapted from a Dimensions kit.
  • HAED's The Tangle Fairy, barely started
  • The Goblin Market: About two thirds done by 10-31.  I finished the columns and the canopy pf the booth and the vulture and started work on the roof.
  • La-D-Da's Something Wicked This Way Comes.  Stitched on 28 ct Silkweaver Autumn Sunrise linen using Belle Soie Old Black Crow and Perfect Palette Cauldron, Dry Martini and Envy silks instead of the revommended NPI silks.  DONE
  • Prairie Schooler's December Year Round. Stitched on 36 ct raw linen using Belle Soie Cinnamon Srick, Collard Greens, Oatmeal Scone, Old Black Crow and Sister Scarlet instead of the charted DMC.  DONE.

So, now the list is back down to 10 projects again.


Justine said...

I was just going to comment that your new starts both look finished, then I read to the end and find that they are! I'm aiming to have my list down to 10 soon too though sadly it won't be before the end of the year. Lovely stitching!

Annie said...

All your projects are beautiful! I especially like the goblin market:)

Stitchinowl said...

You are so organized with your WIP rotation! I am enjoying seeing Goblin Market as it unfolds.

Julie said...

PS Santas a always make me smile, yours looks super.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Love the La D Da witch's boot finish. Goblin Market is looking great too.

Maggee said...

I am really liking the goblins! Funny faces! Congrats on the finishes...