Friday, September 11, 2015

A Little Stitching

First the stitching;  I have been concentrating on my fun election piece, Prairie Schooler's Primitive Americana and have finished the sampler panel.  worked the Uncle Sam panel of the flea market pillow.  As I  suspected, I needed to modify the alphabet to fit the space.  I eliminated one row of over sized letters and changed the format of the Sweet Land of Liberty line, stitching only the uppercase in cross stitch and the lowercase in straight stitch... Next, I worked the Uncle Sam panel of the flea market pillow.  I chose to stitch Uncle Sam in the vertical panel since I think Lady Liberty will make a better stand alone ornament.  Though to make it ornament sized, I expect I will have to stitch it on 32 or 36 ct linen.  Now all I have to do is order a pillow form since I already haxe an appropriate fabric.

A belated photo: I finished this Prairie Schooler Year Round for July last month but forgot to post a photo.  I decided to skip the August Year Round, a boring sun with a smiling face.  Next up will be a little red schoolhoudr for September.

I think my next start will be The Goblin Market.  It's been in my stash for a long time and lately it keeps popping into my head at random moments.  I'll take that as a hint that it belongs in the ever growing rotation.  Now, to find the right piece of linen for it,   I have a pale to light grey over dye and two different beige/light tan solids as well as a classic ivory.  A floss toss should decide the issue but I am leaning toward the ivory.   This design is inspired by a Christina Rosetti poem of the same name, a verse of which is incorporated into the piece.  It is pretty solidly stitched and has a very interesting frame/border making up the outline of the market booth.  It'll be a whole different kind of fun than the Prairie Schooler piece, a radical change of mood.  I am nothing if not eclectic in my taste.    I realize this piece would not be to everyone's liking.  In fact, many would call it downright ugly.  But as a former English teacher, I feel the pull of the literary allusion.

Speaking of literary references,  I also have charts for each of the houses from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice: Longbourn, Netherfield, Mr. Collin's Humble Abode, Rosings and Pemberley; as well as a sampler chart using a quotation from the same novel.  But they will require another radical mood change before I start stitching them.  Then there are several other literary charts in stash: Something Wicked This Way Comes, the Sleepy Hollow triptych, and another sampler featuring a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson.  And I have long toyed with the idea of designing a very elaborate scarlet letter of my own.  Did I mention that I have eclectic taste?  It's interesting how much our life experience is reflected in our stash.  I am betting that the avid gardener has a bunch of botanical charts, bird watchers have all sorts of detailed and realistic bird charts, the deeply spiritual probably have many charts referencing the sacred texts and symbols of their faith, etc.  I invite my readers to leave a comment below if  they agree and find themselves collecting charts that reflect their careers, hobbies, faith or philosophy.  Just a very informal and totally unscientific poll.


Anna van Schurman said...

Even with my English degrees, I wouldn't stitch that Goblin Market because to me the important parts of it focus on the relationship with the sister. "For there is no friend like a sister/
In calm or stormy weather;/To cheer one on the tedious way,/To fetch one if one goes astray,/To lift one if one totters down,/To strengthen whilst one stands." I can't really think of any charts in my stash that are writerly. I did go to Bryn Mawr where we are known as "cussed individualists." Maybe that's how my stash can best be classified! :)

Mary in TN said...

I stitched the Goblin Market many, many years ago on (horrors) Aida before I found out about linen. My daughter has the piece and is now using it in her daughter's room. We love Rossetti's poem also. I have a Poe chart somewhere with quotes and ravens and Something Wicked this way comes. Would like more of this type of chart.

Mary in TN

Ann said...

I don't think I have a "theme" although I do tend to prefer classic designs and have very few whimsical things in my collection. I'm not sure if that's a function of age because I did a fair number of funny sayings when I was younger--sort of like the subversive cross stitch designs now.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love the Goblin Market design. Having just visited Vickie's blog where she is stitching another lovely poodle chart I would definitely agree that people collect according to their hobbies!
My stash contains a lot of fantasy themed pieces and I read a lot of fantasy books. I also collect band samplers and Hallowe'en themed pieces. I don't really have a hobby other than stitching so I don't collect gardening or cookery themed pieces!

Stitchinowl said...

Nice, jam-packed post! I like that you are stithing a patriotic piece, now that the Presidential campaign is in full swing. The Goblin Market is very cool and fits in with your literary tastes. It's great that you can combine your love of stitching with your love of words. :)

Maggee said...

the July Round is my fave this go round, but not to say that Primitive Americana is not looking great! Good luck with the floss toss on Goblin Market. As for stitching themes--I am attracted to Birds and Flowers/Gardens (goes with my bird watching!), and I love many of the spiritual pieces too! I like looking at samplers, but I prefer NOT to stitch people, so when I decided to actually stitch a sampler, I had a heck of a time choosing one... but I found John Foster, and that is in my rotation. I have stitched a couple of Jane Eyre themed pieces too! And lately I have been liking Patriotic! Ahh... I am woman... entitled to change my mind!! Hugs!