Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I must have second sight

In September, I wrote

I am determined to complete this sampler this month.  Yes, I know I have said the very same thing every month since January but this time I really mean it.  Of course, if I end up failing to finish this month, I will "really mean it" when I say I'll finish in October.  Oh, the lies I tell myself about my ability to stretch time!  

I had hoped to be done by now but clearly, as you can see, I am not.  Close, but as my husband says, "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades."  Such a charming sentiment.    I have reached the point where I imagine I will still be working on this project when I am 90.   I have a recurring stitching nightmare in which I see my family tucking the sampler into my coffin so that I can take just a few more stitches as I wait in line for my final judgment at St. Peter's gate.  

I began this sampler with such giddy optimism that I actually stitched "2012" in the line with my name.  How mortifying to have to frog out the 2 and replace it with a 4, or perhaps a 5.   Or maybe I'll just find a way to squeeze a tiny 2014 or 2015 into the bottom right corner of the last band as a reminder of the length of time spent on the project.
Ah, well, here is a photo of my Monday rotation progress.  It may not look like much has been done since I last posted about it here but I have done four Rhodes Squares, finished the center curlicues on the bottom left and top right, finished frogging the spiral border and the bottom border as needed, re-stitched the bottom border, and stitched another two flowers on the right.   I think that is pretty good progress for just one day's stitching: an hour before work, half an hour on my lunch break and a two hours while watching TV in the evening.
The first photo is of Band 7 in its entirety.

The second photo is a close up of the right side of the band, so you can see a little more detail.  I am enjoying this sampler again.  I haven't stitched on it in a little over two months.  It would seem that this piece is rather overwhelming, at least for me.  I need long breaks from it to maintain enthusiasm.

The Tuesday rotation piece is a pair of tea towels from Cross My Heart's A Sampling of Herbs leaflet.  I got a nice start this morning on the first one, Sage, as seen in this photo.  There is a lot of confetti stitching in these charts and I am not entirely crazy about that aspect of them.  [ The two overlapping leaves, small as they are, have 14 different shades of DMC in them. ]  But they do stitch up quite prettily as you can see here and here on the last pair I stitched.  Well worth the effort though I do believe I will be passing this chart on after this pair.  I don't think I'll be stitching any more of these herbs charts.  They are just a little too fussy and finicky for me.  I have some other herbal charts that were designed specifically for Huck towels that I will be using for the next pair I stitch.



Julie said...

Lovely progress this week on the band sampler.

Linda said...

The band sampler is still gorgeous Regina. Wow! You sure are a fast stitcher to get all that done in one day.


Anna van Schurman said...

It's a beautiful piece, but I'm pretty sure that it's a myth that people can stitch straight through on one project.

llknbillburg said...

I know that your band sampler has become a source of frustration for you but hang in there! It is SO beautiful and when finished, will be a lovely reminder of how you can persevere when the going gets tough. I for one can't wait to see the finish!! Laura

Maggee said...

Though it seems to go on forever, the Band Sampler is just so pretty! Hang in there! But keep doing little projects here and there for your sanity! Hugs!

rosey175 said...

I would squeeze in a new date so you can impress people even more with your perseverance with this piece! It is beautiful though.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Good to hear that you are enjoying the sampler once again. It's a beautiful piece, so full of colour. I like the idea of having the two dates within the piece too. You could add an explanatory note to the back when you frame it.