Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Accounting

Over the past five years I have been keeping track of how much I have spent on this obsession of mine:

2010:     $ 630.97
2011:     $ 981.26
2012:     $ 373.97
2013:     $ 779.79

The only reason 2012 was so low was that I did not go on a Stitcher's Hideaway that year.

And now for 2014:

Charts:                                      $   0.00
Fabric:                                      $  96.80
Fibers:                                      $131.24
Charms and Beads                   $  84.72
Tools & Accessories:        $  39.29
Classes ^ Retreats:                   $450.00
Subscriptions/Books:                $  25.98
Framing:                                   $     0.00
Memberships:                           $    0.00
Shipping/Handling Fees:            $   10.39
TOTAL FOR 2014:               $738.49

Since 2010, I have been trying to stitch almost entirely from stash.  I already have so very much in the way of charts, linen, and fiber, I really haven't much need for new purchases.  For the most part I have managed to stitch using only what I have on hand.  Though, when the opportunity presented itself to buy heavily discounted fabric and silk fiber from Chris' Collection, I did indulge quite happily.  But I didn't buy any new charts in spite of the temptations.  One of the reasons the fiber, fabric and charms figures ae so high is that I ordered the full kit to make the pin cushion doll featured in SANQ.  The chatelaine charm for that doll alone was $50.00.

So my total expenditure for the past five years has been $3,504.48 which averages out to $700.89 a year.   When added together like that, the sum is impressive.  Even in these days of interest rates of a fraction of a percentage point, this money could have been earning for my retirement.

And as I come closer and closer to retirement, I may have to rethink the amount I spend, reducing it where possible.  I don't want to give up my annual Stitcher's Hideaway but I may want to consider the less expensive Alumni retreat which doesn't involve a teacher and a class project.  I certainly want to try my hand at framing my own pieces thus saving on the cost of professional framing.  I really don't need anymore books but would be reluctant to give up my subscription to SANQ.  I certainly need to start using my very extensive fiber and linen stash more effectively.  If I implement a few of these ideas, I may reduce the spending in 2015.  But it is hard to make budget cuts when dealing with an obsession!  It remains to be seen how well I will manage.  Que sera, sera!

I wonder how my expenditure compares with that of other stitchers.   If I am to judge by some of the blogs I read, I am somewhere in the middle.  Some of the blogs I follow mention classes and workshops on an almost monthly basis while other bloggers clearly can afford neither the time nor the money for such things.  Other bloggers frequently mention new stash purchases and still others write of expensive painted canvases and the fibers to complete them, any one of which would equal my total annual budget.  And yet other bloggers comb the thrift shops for their supplies and charts.  I know one blogger who stitched free charts [offered legitimately by the designers themselves] for an entire year.  She called it her year of freebies.  So there is a very broad range of investment in the needle arts.


Julie said...

Very interesting reading. I'm very frugal and am trying hard to use the things I already have.

Linda said...

I am to scared to even think about how much I spend every year.


Shebafudge said...

What a great idea to track exactly where you are spending. It's interesting to see the variation over the years too.

Being part of Stitch from Stash this year really focused my mind on what I was buying and whether I really had to buy it. I think I probably spent less than I would have without it. In 2015, I am going to try to spend even less!

Stitchinowl said...

Interesting blog post. Like Shebafudge, I am a member of the Stitch from Stash group. It really made me question my purchases this year.
Happy New Year!

rosey175 said...

I am one of those thrift shoppers though I am reaching the end of my tether with fabric finds (or lack thereof). I think it's interesting (and some a bit scary!) to see how and where everyone spends.

Melody said...

I have never tracked my spending for stitching. I have only been on one retreat. I am still buying new charts and fabric for them when I see something new I want. I know I need to use more of the designs I already have.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I also did the SFS this year, here are my figures:
Charts - £ 169.06
Books/Magazines - £ 61.00
(includes the JCS CD)
Fabric - £ 51.57
Threads - £ 18.28
Beads - £ 2.54

Total - £ 302.45

Rather the reverse of your's in that I spent most of my money on charts, and nearly half of them were Just Nans! I did also spend £5.54per month on a thread club and about £80 on mag subscriptions

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I do think that if you don't drink, eat out frequently, go abroad for holidays, smoke or gamble then there are worse ways to spend your money! We are keeping many small businesses going by supporting them too.
That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it LOL

Maggee said...

I have not spent much at all on stitching in 2014. I decided to stitch from stash and supplies as much as I could. But, I had allowed myself a 'splurge' each spring for a couple of years with online sales. Any hobby can be addicting... Happy 2015!