Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Door Prize Giveaways

Having reached SABLE [Stash Above and Beyond Life Expectancy] or as near as makes no difference, I find that I can give away door prizes and other goodies without the slightest twinge of regret.  I know that the charts listed below, however lovely, will never be stitched by me.  They are simply not my style.  So I offer them to you, my readers.  In the comments below choose one chart you would like to stitch and tell me why.  I'll choose the winners on Halloween: a treat instead of a trick.  I apologize for the bit of glare on the photos.  I snapped all these shots under my stitching lamp and did my best to position the lamp so the bright spot didn't obscure the design but so that the photo was still light enough to give a faithful photo of the design itself.

Chart #1  Lavender Wings' Santa's Helper, a reproduction of the art work of Stewart Sherwood.  I do stitch Santas but I tend to prefer the Prairie Schooler and Homespun Elegance style Santas to the more usual depictions of St. Nicholas.  Any traditionalists itching to stitch this Santa?

Chart #2:  Calico Crossroads' Share Your Heart Christmas Stocking.  Again, I do stitch stockings, as anyone who has been following this blog recently knows quite well.  Just not this sort of stocking.  However, I am sure someone out there would enjoy this one.  Any Band Sampler and specialty stitch fans out there?

Chart #3:  Giana Punti Antichi Wood Stockings Collection #1 Cottage.  Even though this piece was designed to be finished on the wooden stocking shaped floss sorter, I am sure this could easily be finished as a mini-stocking or as a Christmas Tree ornament.  Is there a stitcher interested in giving this little cottage a home?

Chart #4:  Rosewood Manor's Snowflake Trees.  There is no photo of this one.  Anyone familiar with this designer knows that photos of a stitched model just aren't to be found on her card shaped charts.  This lovely little chart could easily be finished as a biscornu or as a Christmas Tree ornament.

Chart #5:And another Christmas Tree ornament: this one is Beary Merry Christmas 2013.  I no longer stitch teddy bears having overdosed on them during my daughter's childhood.  She collected teddy bears, loved them to death and asked for many stitched items with that theme.  Once she grew out of teddy bear mania, I swore off them for life, thank you very much.  Still he is a sweet little guy and if you haven't been traumatized by over-bear-ing as I have been, you may enjoy stitching this ornament.

Chart # 6: Lavendar Wings' Littl Bitz series: Stacked Pumpkins: Switching gears, I have this little Halloween chart to offer.  Pumpkin  and black cat lovers might want to stitch this one.  Any takers?

Good luck to all who enter my little giveaway!


Lynn Pidgeon said...

Love that santas helper and the stocking one

grannystitches said...

I love your blog thank you for your generosity. Please enter me for chart 6 Little Bitz. Thanks again

Linda said...

Oh I love the first one. It looks old fashioned and I don't have any designs like that one.

Thank you,


Gay Jojola said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Santa's Helper. That is the exact imagine of Santa when I think of him. And yes he is still real to me in my 40s. As real as Jesus is. Thank you so much for the generous offer and if I'm not lucky enough for the treat maybe you know where it can be purchased at.

Julie said...

Very generous, such a lovely collection.

Please can I be entered for the Christmas stocking, not sure about the purple thread, but that could be changed to a more traditional colour for my choice.

Trish1819 said...

I would love to enter for Chart #1 Lavender Wings' Santa's Helper. If my name is chosen I would love to send this chart to a friend. Thanks for the chance

Karen said...

What a great blog. Thank you for being so generous. I am looking at two of them but will choose the Halloween one. This year I have decorated my library at school with pumpkins all over and decorations. A new picture for next year would be great!
Thanks, Karen

Anonymous said...

You have a very nice blog...and the retreat looked wonderfully fun! What a lovely offer..please enter me for #4 or #6........
Thanks for the chance....


Tina said...

i love the pumpkin stack. I stitch mostly fall and halloween items so it e\would fit in nicely here with me

Anonymous said...

What a great event - it sounds like you had a great time! I would love to enter for the Pumpkins and black cat, just right for the season! Thank you for sharing these with us.

Tazzy said...

I would love to win the Black Cats and Stacked pumpkins pattern in your very generous giveaway. I have two black cats that are both my fuzzy children and my pests depending on their mood. And Halloween is my favorite time of year, when the air gets crisp and cold, perfect for snuggling with a special someone, and watching the children play in the leaves.

Anonymous said...

Can I enter for the Santa's helper
It so reminds me of my Childhood

You have a wonderful blog and I love to visit

tr said...

I love all the things you got sounds like u had a wonderful time I would like Chart #1 Lavender Wings' Santa's Helper

thanks Donna


Rachel S-H said...

Could I try for the little bear? Thank you

Joyce said...

Thank you for this wonderful offer, it sounds as though Christmas is starting early. I love the first chart, mostly due to the detail put into it's creation. Reminds me of the Christmas Cards that we could purchase when I was a child, yes, many years ago, but in some ways just like yesterday. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Joyce( joycenaaron@msn.com.)

Rain said...

I would like to try for Santa's Helper. I love the traditional, fat, jolly Santas and snowmen. I've been a fan of Stewart Sherwood's artwork for a long time. Santa's Helper has always been a favorite - reminds me of my winter/Christmas childhood days. Fond memories.
Thanks for offering the giveaway.

rossana piceni said...

For the first time I visited your interesting blog
I found very beautiful things
About the charts I like them all but the one I prefer is the Beary Marry Chirstmas
Thanks for sharing all this


Pinwheel said...

Thank you for this giveaway.

I could make room in my home for Giana Punti Antichi's Wood Stockings Collection #1 Cottage, if I am lucky enough to win it. I'd try to stitch it ASAP and PIF.

Anonymous said...

I love the Pumpkin stack with the black cat. I love anything Halloween. Thank you and those are beautiful charts. Linda (modelxsr@earthlink.net))