Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Assessing October Goals, Setting November Goals

I had decided to pare down my goals during October down to a mere two:
BAPs: Continue to concentrate on TWs Woodland Angel Christmas Stocking.  I am really quite pleased with my progress on this piece.  Except for the over-one face stitching and the embellishments, the body of the stocking is done.  The Celtic knotwotk border is done and the name is started.
Class Project: Pre-work on Victoria Sampler's Mystic Christmas Sampler.  Well, the pre-work did get done, though not before class.  I even managed to stitch a bit more, namely: the assignment for the first morning's class.  Although other participants went home with a nearly completed project, I still have quite a ways to go.  Still, I am happy with it.
Some Off Goal Stitching:  Having been bitten by the Seasonal Stitching Bug, I started Peg Bowen's Columbus Day on the appropriate day and finished it up before the end of the month.  Shortly after started Columbus DayI was casting about for something to stitch on the road trip to Mystic and chose a charming little primitive Halloween piece from Plum Street Sampler which I managed to finish before the 31st.   And then, because I had silks in a Halloween colorway out anyway, I picked up Not Forgotten Farms' Rotted But Not Forgotted and finished stitching that as well.

NOVEMBER GOALS: Since I am really quite close to finishing Liam's stocking, I think I'll expand my reach a bit and attempt to reach four modest goals this month.
BAPS: Finish the stitching and the sewing assembly of Teresa Wentzler's The Woodland Angel Stocking.  If possible, start Piper's stocking.
Class Project:  Resume work on Mystic Smalls
Town Square SAL: Stitch The Framing Shop.  Assemble the Fiber Shop and the Framing Shop ornaments.
WIPs: Resume work on the English Band Sampler.

I seem to have recovered my stitching momentum.  So, I shall take advantage of this development to work on a few more projects than last month.  It would be soooo nice to add a few more stitching finishes to my paltry sidebar list of 2013 finishes.    When I started blogging just six years ago, I averaged about 70-80 finishes a year.  Of course, many were smaller and simpler pieces than I am tackling now but still ... I find I wax nostalgic for the big numbers.

Now, I know that stitching should be a pleasure not a contest or a numbers game.  But once an A-type personality, always an A-type personality.  I can't help myself: I just keep competing with my past self, goading my future self to exceed the most outrageously unrealistic expectations conjured by my present self.

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