Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday's Tale

Monday morning's rain prevented me from turning my finally filled planter box [4 feet x 4 feet square x 32 inches high] into a square foot garden a la the old PBS gardening show.  But I managed to screw in the i-bolts Tuesday morning before heading to work.  I hope to lay out a string grid and start the planting today between work and the Parish Advisory Committee meeting.  I bought a variety of vegetable flats over the weekend: three kinds of tomatoes [sauce, sandwich and snacking], some zucchini and cucumber sets, sweet peppers, broccoli, and some herbs [thyme and basil].  I'll pick up some eggplant when it becomes available.  And that should pretty much cover the first planter box.  The second one will be planted up in mid-May with lettuce, carrots, radishes, a second round of green beans, and some lima beans.  In early August, I am hoping to put in some late September/early October harvest items: peas [since I missed the boat for a Spring planting] and spinach.  This coming weekend, I'll hit the nursery yet again, hoping to see some eggplant flats and picking up some stakes and tomato cages.  I'll also be making the final payment on a wicker chair for the patio that suits my husband's taste and comfort requirements, an early Father's Day and birthday gift.  I can't see making him wait till he's lost a month of patio sitting weather just because of a few arbitrary dates on a calendar.

As to stitching, I am anxiously awaiting my Tokens and Trifles cards for my scissor keep exchange.  In the meantime, I am continuing work on The English Band Sampler.  There hasn't been quite enough progress to justify another photo.  In light of my recent activities, I'll have to scale back my monthly goals considerably as the weather warms.  There are so many other things to do in Spring and Summer: gardening, barbecuing, reading on the patio, taking day trips to flea markets and antique malls, picnics at the various parks along the Hudson River, enjoying membership at the town pool.  Somehow, life just seems to open wider in late Spring and Summer.  I don't abandon stitching totally but it does tend to take a back seat to other interests.  So the tone of this blog may change a bit: fewer entries a week and those entries may be more diverse in subject.  The occasional run of rainy weather may restore stitching to its more usual priority but for the most part, things will slow down a bit till Fall.


Vickie said...

Well Riona, I am with you on that. I don't just sit inside all spring and summer. I enjoy gardening. I was watering the newly moved perennials last night, enjoying the bird song and frogs croaking from the park pond behind our home. :)

Rachel S-H said...

Looking forward to hearing about your summer adventures. You have been busy with those planter boxes. I agree with you about not making your husband wait, and I am sure he will enjoy relaxing amid the growing garden.