Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Photos to Go With Yesterday's Post

The new planter boxes

Here are the promised photos, now that my camera battery is properly recharged.  I am very pleased with the new planter boxes and will be even more pleased once I have finished filling them sometime this weekend.  I expect I'll be haunting my favorite nursery over the next few weeks, purchasing topsoil and peat and sand, checking out the vegetable seedlings as they arrive, picking out my stakes and trellises.  I am also anxiously awaiting my package of heirloom seeds so I can get some seedlings of my own started.  There's still a bit of work to do in the backyard.  I never did get around to painting the back door and frame and remounting the bird feeder.  And I would also like to get to work on the concrete retaining wall [at my back as I took this photo], scrubbing it, sealing it and painting it white.  Next year will be soon enough for doing something about new fencing.  One major investment in this space at a time.  This year it was the planter boxes.
And below, my current progress on the English Band Sampler: the Redwork section is complete and I have nearly finished work on the leaves of central tree motif.
English Band Sampler from SANQ


Vickie said...

Nice progress Riona. Those planter boxes are going to be great. Nice height on them. :)

Vera said...

Those boxes are great!! I love the size of them. Good luck with all your plantings. Your band sampler looks so pretty. Vera

dulcinella said...

You sure have a lot of plans on the garden. The boxes look really nice. I also love to see your updates on the stitching. Seems to progress really wel!