Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nashville Market Picks

I have noted several times during the past year that I seem to be very much out of touch with the newer trends in cross stitch design. Or perhaps I have just reached the satiation point in chart stash. In any case, I have looked over the Nashville purchases on two sites, 123stitch and ABC stitch therapy, both of which were fairly extensive ... and I found a mere three charts in which I might be interested.
I list them here in order of preference:
1st choice: Blackbird Designs Wild Lilies
2nd choice: Blackbird Designs Gathering Basket
3rd choice: Prairie Schooler's As the Crow Flies
I am not at all sure I will purchase any of them ... I do have plenty of Blackbird Designs and Prairie Schooler charts already in my stash and don't really need more. And to be honest, some of the new designs are pretty close cousins to the older designs. At some point, one just has to call a halt to acquisitiveness. Also, I recognize that at 30 charts or so a year, I already own enough designs to keep me stitching for another 7 or 8 years ... and that doesn't count the charts in magazines and hardcover stitching books.


Mary said...

Oh, but Riona, that Wild Lillies is VERy pretty!

Missy said...

My thoughts exactly. I keep seeing all the new stash in the "market reports" from designers and shop and I haven't seen anything that makes my heart leap. My mom want me to stitch the Crow Flies from PS so I have ordered it but I too have much to much and want only to stitch what makes me happy and not what's popular to the majority.


riona said...

Mary ... you are right ... I did break down and order Wild Lilies, after all ... but not the other two!