Saturday, October 31, 2009

Assessing Oct Goals, Setting Nov Goals

October Goals:
Stitch at least one Halloween Project: Esmeralda's House: NOT QUITE finished but moving along nicely, as of 10/31: all the exteriors and outlines, the attic, the bedroom, the back hall and the kitchen were stitched ... only the front parlor and the French knots left to do.
Stitch at least one Christmas or Halloween ornament: YES AND THEN SOME. I finished stitching Prairie Schooler's Partridge in a Pear Tree ornament on 10/18 and MonsterBubbles Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun Halloween ornament and the Stitcher's Hideaway Souvenir ornament were both stitched 10/30
Finish Workbasket's Quaker Sheep: Yes, this was done 10/22.
Finish TW's Autumn Faerie: NO, sadly.
Stitch Prairie Schooler's 2008 Limited Edition Santa: YES. I finished stitching this piece on 10/23
UFO>WIP: let's see, oh yeah, The Peacock Biscornu: NO
Spend at least 5 hours on sewing finishes: Nope, but I am really going to have to get going on this... I need my dining room table back for Thanksgiving.
November Goals
Finish Brightneedle's Esmeralda's House
Finish TW's Autumn Faerie
Start TW's Woodland Angel Stocking
Stitch at least one Christmas or Halloween ornament [Pinecone ornament for Rachel]
Resume work on The Sweetheart Tree's Holly and Hearts Sampler
Make Sara's wedding veil
Spend at least 5 hours on sewing finishes

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Nic said...

Well done on your October accomplishments, and good luck with your November goals!