Monday, January 19, 2009

Easing back in to stitching routines

I am certainly not stitching as much as usual but I am stitching. I have finished the top of the Poisson du Avril biscornu which is a free chart from a French site and have begun the bottom which I am designing as I go along ... we shall see how that works out ... with sea shells done in a back-stitched outline. I figure I have enough of the Waterlily 32ct linen to stitch one of the fish and use it as a scissor case. I do believe this will make a nice little set. I originally intended to set it aside and use it for an exchange at some point in the future ... but I find myself getting greedy [or perhaps, growing attached, would be a politer phrase]. I have all those lovely mother of pearl buttons from Farmhouse Fabrics from which to choose for finishing details on both the biscornu and the scissor case. I think this shall be a lovely little project. I'll post pictures when it is complete.

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Rachel S said...

I would be greedy, too!