Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some finishes and WIPs

First, a photo of the finished Miribilia Halloween Faerie ... this one is ready to take to the framer at the end of the week. Next, the stitching is done on two more projects:

--a Brightneedle sampler that I stitched in Belle Soie silks making some color adjustments since I didn't have all the Gentle Arts Sampler Threads called for in my stash. I will finish this piece as a needlebook as recommended.
--and a small cornucopia from the Better Homes and Gardens 1001 Stitching Motifs that I stitched in GAST overdyes rather than the suggested DMCs. I figured as long as I had the overdyes out while trying to find what I needed for the Brightneedle piece, I might as well use them. I'll be finishing this piece as a flat ornament for the Seasonal Ornament SAL blog and hope to have the completed project photographed and up on that blog and this one as well in a few days.
And, finally, my progress on the Homespun Elegance Christmas Stocking I am stitching for my husband. I still need to stitch the two sheep at Santa's feet. The chart calls for a Santa and a stocking button but since I have neither in my stash but do have a bird, I've sewn the bird onto the top of Santa's staff instead of stitching the bird that was charted there. I'll finish the flap with a running stitch a few threads in from the edge to keep everything nice and neat. I am hoping to have this piece done by Wednesday. But I must say, I really do not like working on prefinished pieces. I have had to stitch this entirely in hand to avoid distorting the linen flap and getting my fingers up into the top of the flap has been most uncomfortable and has made for even slower stitching than is usual for me ... and I am a slow stitcher. I have used most of the flosses called for in this piece: GAST & WDW for Santa, his staff and sack, Rainbow Gallery Whispers for Santa's beard. But I will be making a few substitutions. I have some lovely Rainbow Gallery Alpaca 12 that will be perfect for the sheep and I will stitch masses of French knots to fill in the area charted for the sheep. I also have some Petite Very Velvet in both black that may worked well for the sheeps' faces. I figure the piece is already textural what with the Whispers used for the beard, so why not go all the way and make the sheep look wooly.


Erynne said...

Well, I don't know...I have to argue with you about your being a slow stitcher :p
Your fairy is gorgeous and I can't wait to see how she will be framed.
I haven't seen the Brightneedle design before...has a lovely antique air about it.
I'm not a big fan of Santa designs but yours turned out so well! I love that pre-finished stocking...this inquiring mind would like to know where you were able to purchase it? Right from HE?

Anonymous said...