Saturday, November 1, 2008

October Goals Assessment

I am doing this from work, so I won't post photos until tomorrow.

Focus projects:
  1. Miribilia Halloween Faerie: started stitching Oct. 4 and have made substantial progress. All that's left is filling in the wings.
  2. Mystic Stitcher's Hideaway Projects no progress - make the primary focus for early November
  3. T. Wentzler Autumn Faerie no progress - this will probably have to wait till 2009
  4. T. Wentzler Woodland Angel Christmas Stocking no progress -make primary focus project for late Nov & for Dec.
Other projects in Rotation

  1. Graph out and stitch monogram in Spots of Fun: DONE 10/8/08
  2. Homespun Elegance Fall Pumpkin: DONE 10/7/08
  3. Stitch set of four tea towels with herbal motif not even started - carry into November
  4. Start Liz Turner Diehl German Garden not even started - defer to 2009
  5. M Design Name Trees for Sean & Christina just an hour's stitching on Sean's ornament
  6. Celtic Tarot Card for Angela no progress - defer to 2009
  7. One UFO: a European complimentary chart for a biscornu DONE 10/26/08
  8. Be-Witched Clothespin Doll ornament DONE10/9/08
  9. Littlel By Little Design's Merry & Bright Ornament DONE 10/30/08
  10. Peace Ornament DONE 10/30/08
Finishing Goals: Complete sewing finish on at least two projects from backlog of stitched pieces and keep up with current finishes: Turkish Tile Biscornu, Little by Little Merry & Bright ornament, Peace ornament. Well, nothing from the backlog but at least I kept up with the current finishes.
Planning: Jane Austen neighborhood for Me, Myself and I Round Robin Board. no progress - deadline Dec. 1. Deferred to November goals.

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