Thursday, October 23, 2008

Miribilia Limited Edition Halloween Faerie

This is my main focus project this month and I am happy with my progress thus far.

Here is a photo of how she looked Wednesday morning

And another of the progress by Thursday morning

As you can see I am obsessing a bit on this piece and find it difficult to put down even for silly little distractions like eating, sleeping and working to pay the bills. When I am through with her, I'll be passing the chart on to my daughter, along with the remaining Crescent Colors floss ... normally, any faeries I stitch end up hanging on my daughter's walls but this one will stay here. Ange will have to stitch her own. I have fallen in love with this dainty faerie and have decided that she lives here.


Erynne said...

I can see why the faerie is staying home with you! Beautiful stitching and fabric! You filled in her dress & bodice in such a short time!

Rachel S said...

She is so pretty. I have this to stitch, if I ever get the other things done, LOL.