Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Assessing September Goals

Focus on three major projects: I didn't even touch these, granted September is a hellacious month every year with the start of the religious education program requiring getting all 650 students [and their parents] and all 55 catechists happily settled and all sorts of reports being due as the year begins ... but this year it was complicated by the absence of my new assistant who had the misfortune to contract bacterial pneumonia and require two weeks of hospitalization and still hasn't been given the go ahead to return to work by her doctors.
  1. Mystic Stitcher's Hideaway Projects
  2. Teresa Wentzler Autumn Faerie
  3. Teresa Wentzler Woodland Angel stocking
Also in Rotation
  1. Spots of Fun SAL: DONE except for the monogram at the center
  2. Tea Towels w herbal motif : not done
  3. Miribilia Halloween Faerie: not done
  4. One Halloween Ornament for Exchange: DONE AND MAILED: The Sweetheart Tree's Pumpkin on Gingham
  5. Five Halloween ornaments: YEAH!!! ACTUALLY I STITCHED 7: [1]The Sweetheart Tree's Pumpkin on Gingham as a floss tag, [2] Finished Prairie Schooler's Night Owl as a mini-pillow ornament, [3] Elizabeth's Design's Spooky Tree as a flat ornament, [4] Homespun Elegance's Boo Pumpkin as a mini-pillow ornament, [5] La-D-Da's Smell My Feet as a pin-keep ornament, [6] Raise the Roof's Boo Whoo finished as a Trick or Treat bag for Liam, [7] Debbie Cripps Pumpkin as a flat ornament.
  6. LTD German Garden: not done
  7. M Design Name Trees: Sean and Christina: not done
  8. Celtic Tarot Card for Angela: not done
Sewing finishes: at least two from backlog of stitched projects: DONE [1] Pink motif biscornu, [2] Plum Pudding's Blessed Be as a sachet bag, and have kept up with the Halloween ornament finishes as each is stitched with the exception of Raise the Roof's Boo Whoo? which I turned into a Trick or Treat bag for Liam.

Planning: not done: sketch out a plan for Pride & Prejudice neighborhood for the Me, Myself and I Neighborhood Round Robin.

It is becoming very clear that I have a far too exalted view of what I can accomplish in a given month ... especially if that month involves crunch time professionally. I will simply carry forward the remaining items on my goals list into the October goals list without adding a single item. And will continue to do so each month until this particular batch of projects is completed. After that I will return to my Workbasket Quaker animals charts and Dragon Dreams charts. I should like to have that quilt ready to stitch up by March 2009 but we shall see what we shall see.

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