Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Procrastation ...

... is my besetting sin.  I have finally gotten my last two giveaways packed up and ready for mailing and my husband will take them to the post office tomorrow.  So, naturally. I had to fill the void with yet another giveaway.

I often think of winter as the season of smalls.  I am not entirely certain why.  We had our first snow early Monday morning and I was inspired to put together another giveaway: this time all smalls.  Most of these are commercial charts but some are ancient freebies while a few others are exclusive bonus charts from classes I have attended.  To enter, leave a comment explaining why you like smalls. One winner will take the lot, 18 charts in all.

Here's the list:

Beary Merry Christmas 2013
Bent Creek Swirlygig
By the Bay  Slow Down
Country Cottage  Sunflower Sampler
Crossed Wing Collection Sept 1999 free chart: Hummingbird
DMC Valentine Heart
Morning Glory Needleworks Friendship Tree
Morning Glory Needleworks Buttoned Heart Pincushion
Flower Thread Mini Sampler
Jeanette Douglas Christmas Tree
Prairie Schooler American Primitive
Prairie Schooler Prairie Year Rounds
Rosewood Manor Deep Roots
Rosewood Manor  Welcome to Spring
Samplers and Such Bitty Baskets: ABC Sampler
Sue Donnelly The Best Ship
Sue Donnelly Kindred Spirits
Sue Hillis First Steps


Marilyn said...

I like smalls because I don't have a lot of wall space, and they don't take forever to stitch!
Thanks for a great giveaway.

CathieJ said...

I like smalls because they are quicker to finish and allow me to feel like I have accomplished something in less time. Thanks for the giveaway!

Bette said...

I like smalls because I can stitch them up quickly and it doesn't cost much to frame/finish them. I also love to stitch over one and you'd be amazed at just how small things can get. ;-)

blueladie said...

I love smalls because they are quickly done and give you a feeling of accomplishment and are so easily packed in your purse. I hate waiting so when I am put in a position to do so, I always have a small in my purse. Waiting is easier when your hands are busy. Cathryn (blueladie at hotmail dot com)

Joyce Clark Frank said...

I like smalls because I give ornaments and smalls for gifts. Therefore I can stitch more in the time period I have to stitch.
Joyce / TX

LindaLee said...

How generous of you to do this. Please enter me. I like smalls for several reasons actually. Smalls make up quickly so make nice last minute gifts. I also like smalls so I can take a break from a big project for a few days and do something different. I like smalls also as for the most part, you can do them up as little pillows, pin cushions and things to decorate a table or such. Smalls are great to be able to pack up in a small bag to take with you on an appointment or somewhere else where you know you'll have time to add some stitches. My blog address is http://lovenmystitches.blogspot.com/ and my email address is MissLindaLee@ec.rr.com

Starry-eyed stitcher said...

I likes malls because they are achievable and there is such a great variety of designs. They look wonderful when grouped together. Irene xxx

Shelly said...

I like smalls because I can use up small, unknown count and type pieces of fabric in my stash, and they stitch up quickly! Thanks for this generous giveaway.

CalamityJr said...

Smalls have become my new favorite because in the past I've mostly stitched fairly large designs and given them as gifts. I've found that I quite enjoy getting something stitched more quickly AND keeping a few for myself, finally! The only problem with that, though, is that I don't have a nice assortment of small patterns to choose from. However, this collection you've put together looks to be a perfect way to keep my fingers busy, so I'll be keeping those fingers crossed! Thanks for sharing.

Kim Reid said...

While I have a couple of large WIP's to work on, I like to work on smalls to give a little variety and a finish in between.

Thanks for the chance!

Laura said...

Fantastic giveaway. Please enter me.

MelissaD said...

I like smalls because they supply that sense of accomplishment and a break from larger projects :)

KarenPB said...

I like smalls because of the instant gratification. A couple hours of stitching and you have a finish. Also, there are many cute ways to finish/frame them.

Stitchinowl said...

I started on a smalls kick about three years ago. I love that, right from the start, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Also, it's nice to display ornaments and small pillows around the house in addition to all of the framed pieces on my walls. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

Marexstitch said...
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Marexstitch said...

I am not sure I would be able to list all the reasons I love smalls. I have always loved the European view of needlework. My impression of embroidery is similiar. A small touch of embroidery can give an elegant flair to turn an ordinary item into something special. I stitch smalls for the joy it gives me when I am able to give a small unexpected gift that has a touch of embroidery. I have been completely floored by the reactions of sone people have when they realized I stitched something for them. I have been been stitching and finishing small itens for 40 or so years. Not everyone wants or appreciates a large tapestry but a small motif, saying, something personalized which has meaning to the gifted person often strikes the perfect balance. I find certain designs draw me to stitch them and later they turn out to be perfect to brighten a particular person's day.

cjstitches said...

I like smalls because I am a slow stitcher so stitching something small gives me a feeling of accomplishment. Finishing and framing smalls is something I do myself so the display is completely mine and less expensive. They also make wonderful gifts. Thanks for a great giveaway!

Ariadne said...

That's an impressive list of charts! I'd love to take in in your giveaway! I love smalls although I am not able to finish them in all those amazing ways other stichers do like cushions and cubes etc. I finish my smalls usually as cards to send to friends or frame them and make a collection of them on a wall.I love smalls because I can work on a big project and at the same time have a couple of smalls around to divert me when I am tired of my big piece. My smalls are usually freebies from magazines ( you could call these vintage as I have some bought years ago) or I make small patterns from old magazines. Thanks for the chance.AriadnefromGreece!

Bea said...

Great selection of charts! But I'm not entering the draw as I've been lucky once already. Good luck everyone!

stitchinrose said...

So many reasons to like smalls, they give you a quick stitch if you are doing something else at the same time, you get to accomplish something (with big patterns sometimes it is hard to see that you are getting anywhere)and it is always nice to start something new
Thanks for the great giveaway Happy Thanksgiving!

Bonnie said...

I also enjoy the smalls for the same reasons as stated in the above comments. Like to decorate my house and smalls can be tucked in baskets or displayed in groups.
Thanks for the drawing. Bonnie. bcoles729@gmail.com

Brenda said...

I love to do smalls and gift them to people I care about. Using smalls enables me to complete more in a shorter amount of time! I also like to use smalls on clothing items for my granddaughter. Thanks for the chance!
Brenda wilkeb0158@gmail.com

tr said...

I love smalls because they are quick to stitch and you can take them anywhere you want to stitch


Julie said...

I like small as they make nice gifts which most of my stitching usually becomes.
Nice variety of charts you have offered to a lucky stitcher, but please don't add me to your draw this time.
Happy Thanksgiving!