Tuesday, August 4, 2015


In my last post, I listed a series of new starts.  Every so often I get terminally bored with my current WIPs.  Or sometimes a bunch of intriguing new charts come to my attention all at once.  In this case, it was a little of both.

CEC's The Swimming Instructor  This new complimentary chart came to my attention when I saw a link to it on a message board I frequent.  I quickly kitted it up my way, substituting silks from Caron, Rainbow Gallery Splendour and Belle Soie for the rather gaudy DMC choices charted by the designer.  I wanted my finished piece to have a fantasy look rather than a cartoon look.  More Hans Christian Andersen than Walt Disney.  Once I finished the fishtail [in carom's Monsoon] and the torso [in some leftover Splendour flesh tone from an old SNN kit], I got going on the Belle Soie Mahogany silk for the hair.  Can anyone else remember the era of big hair?  I realize the effect the designer is going for is "floating in water" but all I keep seeing are 80s era actresses.  I think I'll name my mermaid Farah.  Now that I've finished her hair, I'll get to work clothing her and re-charting the face.

Morning Glory's Buttoned Heart Pin Cushion.  This was one of the charts in the retreat gift bag.  I had to start it because I had just the right materials on hand: a small scrap of antique rose 28ct linen and a partial skein of Caron Waterlilies Meadow, not enough for a full sized project but more than enough for a small.    Sometimes, materials seem to leap out of stash, shouting "use me, use me, you know I'm perfect."  I even had some flowery meadow-ish fabric on hand for a finish and a small pearlized pink button.

Also, from the retreat gift bag was this small souvenir scissor fob, Making Waves in Sturbridge.    I don't know why I feel compelled to stitch Sue's little retreat themed gifts right away.  Perhaps because I know, deep down, I am unlikely to finish the class project within the same year.  Still, I 'll have a few smalls to show for it all.  Plus, these tiny projects feed my appetite for finishes.

And another goodie bag chart, Ginny Thompson's Sampler ornament, turned out to be a one day wonder, stitching up very quickly in the deep rose pink flower thread accompanying the chart.  This was stitched on a tiny scrap of antique rose 28ct linen.

I am not quite done with the new starts yet.   Sue Donnelly's Friendship Sampler  from the gift bag is in the hoop but I haven't stitched enough of it to be photo worthy.  And, then there's Papillion Creations monochromatic chart door prize that I want to start stitching.  This is the way the WIP list grows.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Your mermaid's hair looks great, it doesn't over power as you were concerned. She is definitely from the Big Hair era!

Love the extra charts too, good idea to stitch them immediately too.

Anna van Schurman said...

Do we have to be old to remember big hair? I had big hair! Does that make me old? Maybe I am...{mumbles under breath}

I love how her tail came out.

Julie said...

Farah looks fabulous.
Lovely little finishes too.