Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dead Cameras

Why do digital cameras die just when you need them most?  I'll be taking mine into the shop tomorrow to find out whether this is just an issue of a rechargeable battery no longer holding its charge or something far more deadly.

I have three recent finishes I wish to photograph as well as a few more pieces I want to photograph for a Gallery Post of samplers.  And, of course, a few WIP photos to take: the M Designs Name Tree Sean and The Jacobean Elegance afghan.

It seems like forever since I put a photo on the blog though it is really only a little over a month.


Edgar said...

I am in total agreement - they always just stop without notice. So aggravating.

Maggee said...

That seems to happen to everyone, at the most inopportune moments! Hope it was something 'easy'!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

How annoying!
I use the scanner on my printer for WIPS and I have recently found out how to use the camera on my iPad to add photos to my blog too!

Julie said...

Technology can be so good.. but also cause us such frustrations at times. Hope its an easy fix.

Ann said...

Miss your blog! How is the technology situation coming along?