Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mail Call

Isn't this the greatest t-shirt ever?  And some days, it expresses my mood perfectly.  The lack of stitching during my recent and still lingering bout of flu has sorely tried my patience but I haven't actually choked anyone yet.

The shirt is a RAK from the proprietress of Knowledge and Needles and I am ashamed to admit that, though I received it nearly a month ago, I have only managed to send a proper thank you note today.  I am afraid I have let flu keep me from performing the necessary courtesies due from a civilized person.

The lettering looks yellow in this photo but is actually white and the blue is more of a bright navy rather than the purplish royal blue seen here.

Speaking of necessary courtesies, I finally managed to get my act together and package all but one of the January giveaways, and even a long over due December giveaway, and some gifts I need to send to family and friends.  I'll see about getting to the post office tomorrow.   I still need an address for the remaining January giveaway and will be sending off an e-mail requesting it later on today.  The flu and its lingering after effects have really put a crimp in my schedule.  At the best of times, I tend to procrastinate but this month has been ridiculous.

And speaking of procrastination, I have started at last to make some long overdue appointments.  One of the amazing delights of being 60-something is the annual ritual of trudging from primary care physician to half a dozen specialists [endocrinologist, podiatrist, cardiologist, opthamologist, dermatologist, ob-gyn] and a bunch of labs and clinics for all sorts of blood letting and scanning of various body parts.   I'll be making the rounds between now and the end of March.  Oh, joy!


Linda said...

Cute shirt Regina.


Julie said...

Super T shirt - funny.

They call is 'A well woman checkup' her in the UK. Hope all your results come back fine and you are given a good bill of health.

Vickie said...

Oh joy indeed!
What a fantastic shirt!

Stitchinowl said...

I LOVE the cross stitch T-shirt! I also had the flu in January, and it took a long time for me to get my energy level back to "normal".

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I saw a couple of these shirts on someone else's blog and thought they were perfect.
I can confirm what Julie says but it basically consists of a nurse asking you questions and that's about it. They don't like to bother the specialists unless you have got something interesting!

Maggee said...

LOVE that t-shirt! I would need seven of them, or maybe six--one for every day of the week! Except Sunday of course!