Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Okay, no more trying to fool myself or psyche myself up with new stash.  I have lost it, at least temporarily.  The "it" being my stitching momentum.  Five weeks of barely lifting a needle has done it.  It's the law of inertia, I suppose: Bodies in motion tend to remain in motion, bodies at rest tend to remain at rest.  I am clearly at rest, if not actually comatose.  I am currently reading a series of thrillers by Kay Hooper involving psychics aiding law enforcement ... and that has replaced the more active leisure activity of stitching.

The last time this happened, it lasted two months.  We shall see what happens this time.


Linda said...

Reading is just as good as stitching and if it's helping you to relax then just enjoy it - it's certainly sounds as if you need some quiet time.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the break and refreshing. All will come around once you have had time to recover and put your world in order. Gardening always heals the soul.