Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February's Giveaway Winner

The Homespun Elegance Wooly Tyme charts have found a new home with Myra. I used the form at and came up with the number 17. The odd thing is that just before going all scientific and technological, I had asked my husband to pick a number between 1 and 23. The number he picked: 17. So I guess Myra was really meant to get these charts. In any case, I have e-mailed her asking for a snail mail address and will get these charts in the mail as soon as I can dig my car out.

I don't know if she will use them for ornaments, pin cushions, cupcakes or make herself a little sheep and stitch the designs as blankets as orginally charted. It should be easy to make a sheep pillow ... it is really nothing more than a very lightly stuffed rectangle made of wool felt with the upper corners slightly rounded and with a contrasting applique wool felt face with button eyes and long stitch nose. The pillow has an external, exposed seam ... no turning ... that could be further embellished with blanket stitch or finished with a French seam, if a cleaner and less primitive look is desired.

I just hope these charts give their new owner as much pleasure as they gave me. These were a lot of fun to stitch and worked up very quickly. Since I did use the GAST and WDW called for in the charts, they greatly enhanced my stash of overdyed cottons. I ended up buying a whole skein of some colors just to set 10 or 12 stitches in a one of the blankets. The GAST and WDW overdyes are wonderful and give a very distinctive look but I think the designs would look just as nice stitched up in DMC or Anchor [and for considerably less money].


Parsley said...

Hooray for her. Thanks for the fun.

Myra said...

Rionna - I am just thrilled to be the winner of these charts. Thank you so much! I can't believe my number was chosen not once, but twice. :o) Email on the way.

Myra said...

Rionna - I misplaced your email address. These lovely charts arrived today and I am thrilled with them. I already have several ideas for finishing and just can't decide. Thank you again for such a generous giveaway - I'll do the same with them once they are stitched.