Monday, February 9, 2009


Well, I have stitched for at least an hour each day for the past four days ... I think my problem was that I had gotten so obsessed with meeting goals that I had taken all the fun out of stitching for a while. This is not to say I will abandon goals ... I am, after all, a decidedly A-type person ... but I will moderate my goals to a degree of normalcy and achievability heretofore missing in my program.
I have given myself permission to start new projects at will ... I was getting bored with my regimen. To this end, I have started Workbasket's Rabbit Rondel using a luscious Silkweaver 28 ct Cashel Linen called Starquest that complements the colors in Caron Wildflowers Periwinkle perfectly. I'll still be taking the Sweetheart Tree Holly & Hearts Sampler to work as my lunchtime project and expect to make some progress on that in the course of the week. I should have made enough progress on both projects to make posting some pictures worthwhile late in the week. Just admitting that I need more variety than I have been allowing myself has been energizing and I will take that into consideration.
I am also considering dropping out of the Silkweaver Fabric of the Month Club after a few more months. I think my stash is starting to overwhelm me ... I am feeling as though I am drowning in "stuff". Part of this is the typical Catholic guilt about owning so much property when people are losing their jobs and their homes ... if I cut back my discretionary purchases I can have more to devote to causes worthier than my own selfish pleasure: charities, retirement savings and my children & grandchildren.
So my goals for the remainder of February:
Enjoy my stitching and taking time with it
Put in 5 hours on Workbasket Rabbit Rondel
Put in 5 hours on Sweetheart Tree's Holly & Heart Sampler
Put in 3 hours doing the sewing finish of the 5 or 6 ornaments and biscornus languishing on my sewing table
Posting my Valentine ornament finishes on the Seasonal Ornament blog to which I belong
If I find I have time or inclination for more stitching, well and good ... but if not, oh well!


Donna said...

Sounds like a great plan. Sometimes we all get overwhelmed with our "goals" and forget that they are just "goals". Not written in stone that we must accomplish them.

Eva said...

It is important to have goals, but we can't let them keep us from wandering off to explore something new!

Stitching is a hobby, so stitch what you enjoy!

mainely stitching said...

I've had thos e sort of slumps brought on by too many stitching deadlines and/or obligations. The best thing for me has been to go back to stitching just for fun - cut back (or cut out) the exchanges, gifts, and so on. At least for awhile. ;)