Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Finally, photos

It's been awhile ... haven't been blogging due to the pressures of work and some minor health issues ... so I have quite a few concerns to address.

First, the winner of the giveaway that I announced just before I dropped off the web: mainely stitching ... I have posted a comment on her webpage asking for a snail mail address. In order to make up for the delay, I am going to include a small bonus - the chart for the altoids tin topper pictured among the finishes noted below.

Though I haven't been blogging, I have been stitching.
First, a photo of my progress on Workbasket's Rabbit Rondel. The plan was to stitch at least 5 hours on this project in February. Well, I exceeded my goal, actually stitching 15 hours during February and March on this very enjoyable piece.
And, then, a biscornu:

The top is stitched just as charted but the bottom is my own design.

I finished stitching and assembling the Poisson du Avril biscornu. Since the center of the design is so closely stitched I opted to omit the button, simply using a couple of straight stitches to tighten the center. I have also stitched a matching scissor case, using one of the fish motifs ... but need to assemble it. I'll have a picture of that when it is properly finished.

Then, I stitched the top of an Altoids tin sewing case using the Rainbow Row from White Hart Designs. I did, however, change out the colors a wee bit, using up silks and cottons leftover from class projects from CATS 2005 and 2006. I stitched this on another small scrap of 32ct Waterlily linen. I try not to waste anything. I may stitch one of the houses on a strap meant to hold the scissors in place. This, too, "requires some assembly" ... those dreaded words.

And I worked on my monthly [February and March] Christmas ornaments. For these projects, I chose Rosewood Manor's 2008 Reindeer and Imaginating's Cardinal free chart. The reindeer was stitched over two on 25ct cream Laguna, using Belle Soie silks and some pearl like beads for the snowflakes. Since the piece of fabric I used was just barely large enough for the design, I had to get creative with the finishing ... without much empty space around the edges of the stitching, my options were limited ... so this is what I came up with. The Cardinal ornament was finished more conventionally as a pillow ornament with a beaded hanger.

I also stitched up a little snowman ornament from Imaginating ... given the amount of snow we've had in the NYC metropolitan area this winter, it seemed most appropriate. This was also finished up as a small pillow ornament with beaded hanger.

And, to celeberate Spring, another biscornu ... this one is adapted from About Cross Stitch's Daffodil and Tulip Diamond [http://crossstitch.about.com/od/patternsfromyourguide/ig/One---Two-Color-Designs/Floral] To make it suitable for a biscornu, I added mirror images of the tulip motif at the corners and extended the borders to "fill in" the corners. I used more than two colors, though: DMC 221, 223, 368 and Belle Soie buttercup silk. I added some deep yellow beads that were just touched with a blush of pink to the areas where I extended the border [only on the top of the biscornu] and finished the piece with two green glass buttons. I am quite happy with the result.

As to sewing finishes: I finished my two French style heart ornaments, a very simple heart ornament with vines and honeybees, and a small rabbit ornament as well as the two biscornus noted above. Unfortunately the hearts were not done in time for Valentine's Day ... truth be told, I finished one yesterday and two today. But the small rabbit ornament [a free chart from Imaginating] will grace my office in time for Easter.

I couldn't resist a new start: Sue Hillis' YoHoHoHo piratical Santa, stitched on 36ct WaterLily linen in the charted DMC colors.

Also, I received these beautiful trims from Farmhouse Fabrics [my favorite source for interesting trim and buttons].

Finally, this is my progress to date on The SweetHeart Tree's Hearts and Holly Sampler

My April goals:
-- stitching 10 hours on Rabbit Rondel ... possibly more, finishing the piece
-- stitching 10 hours on TW Autumn Faerie
-- stitching 10 hours on the Holly & Hearts Sampler
-- 5 hours devoted to sewing finishes
-- stitch 1 Christmas ornament
--GAST free chart Have you any wool
-- kitting up TWs Woodland Angel stocking for Liam
--stitch the Breast Cancer Ribbon Angel ornament for donation to Breast Cancer Christmas Tree Auction project