Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stitching Limerick Challenge

On the 123stitch message board, there is an amusing thread using board or real life names to write limericks beginning "There once was a stitcher [named] ..."

Here's mine

There once was a stitcher, Riona,

Who used up all of her toner,

Printing freebies galore

Till she had so much more

Than anyone ought to be owner!

I thought it would be fun to invite all my readers to write one of their own and post it in the comment section, offering a $10 gc to 123stitch for the most clever entry [as judged by my husband]. Remember, limericks are defined by Google as

a humorous verse form of 5 anapestic lines with a rhyme scheme aabba

i.e., they have a definite pattern: 10 syllables/beats to the first line, 7 syllables/beats to the second line, 6 syllables/beats to third and fourth lines, 9 syllables/beats to the fifth line. The rhyme pattern: lines 1, 2 and 5 rhyme; lines 3 and 4 rhyme.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A TW Tuesday

Yesterday, I decided that I needed a bit more disciplined approach if I am ever going to finish my current BAP so henceforth Tuesdays shall be T. Wentzler days until such time as The Autumn Faerie is complete. That's not to say I can't work on it other days of the week, but rather, put simply, I MUST work on it on Tuesdays.

So here are some before and after photos. First this is what it looked when I picked it up Tuesday morning ... lots of little blank spaces in the left wing ... a counting nightmare. In order to give myself a clear reference point for my counting, I did a little back stitching on the scarf and then worked from there. It may not look like much progress was made but I tend to take my time with Teresa Wentzler pieces, counting three times before stitching, since frogging tends to be complicated by the blended flosses ... it's very hard to see what needs to be frogged ... so it's best to avoid problems in the first place. Anyway, this is what it looked like when I put it away.

I know I entitled this post A TW Tuesday, but I just have to show a small photo of Monday's stitching, a charming little Easter freebie from Martina ... see the link on Sunday's post. I have been so disciplined thus far this year, working on only my Crazy January Challenges and my 2010 WIPs and UFOs ... but I just couldn't resist starting this piece. In any case, it is stitched entirely from existing stash ... so I can, at least, justify/rationalize the start by saying it didn't involve any additional expense. It's a fussy little piece with lots of fractional stitches and loads of not-quite-confetti stitching which require some very careful counting ... but I am looking foward to a fabulous finish as a pin pillow. You can see the rabbit taking shape nicely and in the lower left corner you can see one of the flowers that will eventually surround the inner border/frame.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Progress Report: March 27, 2011

Two consecutive days of bright sunshine ... be still my heart!!! Even though it is still quite chilly with temps in the 30s [about 25 degrees cooler than average for this time of year], the sunshine is a real mood lifter after all the bleak and gloomy days this past month. My hardy daffodils and jonquils survived the late snows and are showing color ... just buds this morning but we should have full-fledged blooms by mid-week. I'll have to share a photo when they are at their best.

But enough of the weather report. Moving on to stitching progress over the past week. Due to the pressures of work, I didn't have time to pick up a needle from Sunday through Thursday. But Friday, Saturday and Sunday were a different story entirely. So, making up for lost time:


Day 2 Project: The Ice Dragon's Kingdom: completely stitched ... just waiting for the beads to arrive from 123stitch so I can finish the piece entirely. There's a photo on Friday's post. I know I will drop everything when the beads arrive because I am dying to add this to my finish sidebar and because I really enjoy beading. I found it so frustrating not to have the beads on hand ... I thought I had ordered them and had them in my bead case ... but alas, I had not and did not ... that I pulled all my remaining Dragon Dreams large dragon charts and ordered all the specialty fibers and beads for them as well. I am hoping to be able to start on at least one more of these this year ... once I get through the other Crazy January Challenges and a few more 2010 WIPs.

Day 3 Project: Homespun Elegance's The Stitcher: got the stitcher done completely leaving only the alphabet part of this sampler to finish. ut since I posted a progress photo just yesterday I'll wait to post another mid-week, when I have managed to stitch a bit of the alphabet.

In addition, a link from one blog to another led me to this lovely little Easter freebie from Martina ... one of the reasons I love reading blogs. Talk about eye appeal! I had promised myself that I would stick to the Crazy January Challenge projects and my 2010 WIPs & UFOs this year, limiting my new starts ... but I am afraid I'll have to break that promise for this little beauty. I have a package of some rather sparkly opalescent Silkweaver linen left from my subscribing days ... something I wouldn't ordinarily choose myself but would, I think, suit this little project nicely. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the rest of that sparkly stuff ... perhaps I can kit up two of these little projects, the second one sans chart but with the link since Martina has copyrighted the freebie chart ... the fabric with the floss and the link to the chart would make a nice little giveaway for April 4. I'll have to think about it.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Simply Saturday

This was the first Saturday in four weeks that I came home at noon ... no extra classes or events in the parish ... just the normal Saturday morning classes for Grades 1-6. Sweet bliss!!!

I actually had time to make a scrumptuous lunch of potato pancakes and applesauce. I had some cooked potatoes leftover from a corned beef and cabbage dinner I had for the ICS Faculty reunion earlier this week and used my mother's shortcut recipe for potato pancakes. No precise measurements ... more a method than a recipe. Peel leftover boiled potatoes, mash with just enough boiling water to make mashing easy. Add two or three large eggs, well beaten ... the number of the eggs dependent on the amount of potatoes. Today I had 8 large potatoes and I used three eggs. Stir well. Then add between a third to a half a cup of sifted white flour to bind the batter. Finally add either 3 heaping tbs of parsley or chives. Stir to distribute evenly. Fry batter in olive oil till brown on both sides. I served it with unsweetened applesauce and made a large pot of Earl Grey tea. Dessert was a rare treat: Edys frozen juice bars: Tangerine. It was nice to be cooking in my own kitchen after spending so many weeks depending on take-out, frozen dinners and dining out. Healthier, too.

I even got to spend some time stitching on my Day 3 project in the Crazy January Challenge Homespun Elegance's The Stitcher. This chart dates from 1995 and uses only five shades of DMC floss, in very muted colors, I might add. Very simple and very plain, in the Quaker sense of the word.It will be interesting to compare it with my Day 4 Crazy January Challenge piece, Homespun Elegance's Witches Stitch, Too. The witch is seated is much the same posture as the stitcher and the alphabet is arranged in similar fashion ... but the more current piece uses overdyes and a broader palette. I am playing with the idea of finishing the two pieces as the flip sides of one wall-hanging or pillow. The witch was clearly meant to be a companion piece or an homage piece to the stitcher so such a finish makes perfect sense to me.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fragmented Friday

Friday is usually my day-off ... but I will have to go into work early this afternoon to finish making 150 bookmarks [momentos for a Lenten Fast Feast] and finish writing a prayer service for the meal that breaks the Fast part of said Fast-Feast.

But before that, I had to catch up the laundry that has been multiplying at the same rate as my work hours away from home ... a tendency I find entirely pernicious ... one would hope that my home would cut me a little slack when my career runs me through the mill. But instead my home acts like a jealous spouse, demanding even more attention ... and at a time when I am least able to provide it.

Then there are the usual errands to run on the one day off I have: bank, post office, grocery store ... But, happily, starting next Sunday I will have my Sundays back to myself ... but March has been a very stressful month, filled with 6 day work weeks.

After the errands, I will have to run over to a neighboring parish to help set up the afore-mentioned Fast Feast. I have already warned my colleagues that I may cut out before the end since I am pretty much running on fumes today.

Oddly, amidst all this running hither and yon, I have actually managed to pick up a needle for the first time this week, completing the background and all but the beading in the corner motifs of The Ice Dragon's Kingdom. And, above and beyond that, I was able to pull out my Day 3 Crazy January Challenge project, Homespun Elegance's The Stitcher. Well, I will have a somewhat more relaxing weekend and trust I will be able to get some more stitching in as well. Even so, it does not look good for the monthly goals ... lots and lots of "No progress" notations. I am promising myself a better April.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Exhaustion - Snow - and a little restoration

Four days with nary a stitch taken ... my eyes are literally burning from exhaustion. Easter Break can not come soon enough for me though now I fear I will sleep through most of it rather than catching up on house work, garden work and home improvement projects as planned. The past three weeks have been 50 hour work weeks and this one appears to be edging toward 60 hours ... I have come to the conclusion that the hours worked during a week should not equal or exceed the years you have been on the planet ... at least, not once you have passed the fifty mark.

It doesn't help that Spring has meekly fled from this bully we are calling the Winter of 2010-11. Snow again coats the ground with a three-five inch blanket of white and has turned the roads into a slushy, icy deathtrap. School delays are the order of the day. The sprouting shoots of my Spring bulbs are buried beneath the snow.

I have done a few stitch-related things though:
*** read and even posted on several stitching blogs that I follow
***ordered the replacement Mill Hill beads I need for The Ice Dragon's Kingdom
***packed up the Ort Jar to be mailed to Rachel
***filled out and mailed the registration form and final payment for my Stitcher's Hideaway at Sturbridge
***and did the last restorative bath of a sampler stitched by a friend's grandmother, dating from the late 1940s or early 1950s. It was glued onto cheap cardboard from a cereal box and then framed in a plastic dimestore frame and hung in a kitchen, exposed to all sorts of cooking steams, oils and fumes as well as direct sunlight. Three baths in Restoration and one in Woolite have gotten rid of all the glue residue and the paper/cardboard fragments and flakes as well as the old kitchen soil. But there was little I could do about the fading due to sunlight. You can see the original color of the linen at the edges where it was hidden beneath the original frame. The piece is now as soft and supple as linen should be, the colors are as gently faded as they were to begin with but I imagine they are a bit clearer and truer and the piece is ready to be reframed in a manner worthy of the family heirloom it is. I'll be seeing my friend tonight and giving it to her ... I am hoping she'll be pleased. This piece has a certain primitive charm: the simple colors and design, the somewhat inexpert and naif stitching, the sweetness of the message ... but what really makes it special is that it has hung in the kitchens of three generations of women from one family and, once framed properly, will be passed to a fourth. There is a certain satisfaction to be found in being part of that process and to handle a piece of stitchery that is as old or slightly older than I am.

So though I haven't actually been stitching, I have at least maintained a tenuous connection with the craft.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The First Full Day of Spring

... and, of course, it snows. And not the pretty fluffy stuff. Oh, no, it has to be the heavy, bone-chilling, wet, slushy stuff. At least, it had the decency not to stick to the roads for very long ... just an hour or two before melting away.
And the reason for this: I had scheduled my first Confirmation Retreat for today. The presenter has to travel from Queens, into the Bronx and Westchester [via a wee corner of Manhattan], over the TZ Bridge onto the Thruway and then onto the PIP. A trip that normally takes an hour or so took him nearly two hours. This is the way my luck has been running lately ... and now, my ill luck is spilling over onto innocent bystanders, like Tony.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Progress Report: March 20, 2011

Another crazy weekend. Saturday's schedule: the last Whole Community Catechesis event on Bullying during regularly scheduled class time, another First Confession prep lesson for the one-on-one Special Needs class, another 7th grade weekend seminar session [3 hours] for nine students, and a final consult about weekend use of the auditorium by five different groups involving the logistics of changing all floor plans. Sunday's schedule: 11:30 Mass, a bit of last minute office work preppng for the Confirmation retreats, and the last session of the 7th grade weekend seminars. And finally home to meet the husband and head out to dinner with two of my children who are meeting us at our favorite sushi restaurant, shopping for the Confirmation Retreat and returning to the school building to check up on the set-up at 7:00pm. Monday and Tuesday are each going to be days that start at 7:30am and go non-stop through to 9:00pm. I am seriously considering taking Wednesday off as comp time ... but it all depends on how much office work piles up while I am attending to the Confirmation retreats. The mantra I keep repeating to myself is "Easter break is coming. Easter break is coming." Ten whole days to catch up with my housework, my garden and my home-improvement projects ... and perhaps some stitching.

Crazy January Challenge: Dragon Dreams' The Ice Dragon's Kingdom: I got a bit more of the half-stitching in the background done. Once that is complete, only the corner motifs with beading remain. It was not enough progress to warrant a photo. I'll post a snap once I have a finish and once the weather turns sunny again. I'd like to take this finish photo in natural light in an attempt to do justice to all the subtle variations of color and texture. I hope to be working on my CJC Day 3 project by Wednesday: Homespun Elegance's The Stitcher.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cleared for take-off

I am just finishing up a month of 6 day, 50 hour work weeks. The result is that I haven't had much time for stitching so far in March. My last day-off, Friday the 11th, was consumed with banking, grocery shopping, errand running, a brief visit with my youngest son and reading. I find reading more relaxing than stitching during really stress filled weeks. Still, I have managed to get a wee bit of stitching done in the past few days.

The dragon takes flight! I have finished stitching the body, have worked the second wing and am now working on the background. I made a few changes to the right wing, though. It was charted as having a center patch made up of doubled over blending filament in the same colors as the #4VFB used for the scales, tail and claws. Now, I can always find a use for VFB but rarely use blending filament anymore. So, I saw absolutlely no reason to buy a spool of blending filament that I would use for a mere 40 stitches. Instead, I just filled in the area with the VFB. I wasn't sure that I would enjoy using the recommended half stitches for much of the background but I have decided that I rather like the effect ... not my usual take on half stitches ... but somehow, it looks right on this piece. I can sense another Crazy January Challenge finish coming soon. Which is good since I am beginning to get a bit of an inferiority complex about the few CJC finishes I have had thus far compared with my blogging buddies. However, I tell myself that, having chosen large and complex projects as opposed to smalls for 11 out of 15 of my challenge pieces, I have given myself a genuine challenge. I haven't stacked the deck in my own favor. Does that sound like an arrogant bit of self-justification from an A-type person who just can't stand to lose any sort of a competition or lag behind in any sort of race? Well, as the Ancients say, "Know thyself" and "To thine own self be true."

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday, Monday

This is going to be another busy week with two more Whole Community Catechesis Events, another 7th Grade Weekend Workshop, and a Catechist Meeting in addition to the regular schedule of classes. Next week will be just as frantic with two Confirmation Retreats and 7th grade quarter finals in addition to the regular classes. But today, thanks be to God, starts slowly. Since I work until 9:00pm today, I don't have to be at my desk until 1:00pm. I have spent the morning unloading and rreloading the dishwasher, generally straightening the kitchen and catching up on the laundry [4 loads]. However, laundry is not a continuous job like it was in my grandmother's day. So, in between the sorting, loading, drying and folding I have found some time for stitching again. Albeit not much time, but it is nice to take needle in hand again and get back to The Ice Dragon's Kingdom.

Here is a photo of the small progress I have made this morning. I have begun to fill in the right wing. My apologies for the less than wonderful photo. I didn't have time to press the piece before photographing it. And until I do the backstitching it is hard to see the #32 VFB that fills the wing ... it does seem to fade into the fabric. I hope to show you a much better photo by mid-week: the whole wing finished and the rest of the dragon back-stitched!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Progress Report: March 13, 2011

I haven't stitched at all for three days ... most unusual for me ... nor is it likely I shall stitch at all today. Exhaustion kept me abed till 10:45am DST, I need to get to the 11:30 Mass and then I'll be teaching a 7th grade weekend workshop from 1:00-4:00pm, followed by dinner with husband, son and daughter at a local sushi restaurant, followed by total collapse once home. And it all start over again tomorrow: another 6 day work week. I am too old for this!
It's been a very busy week ... lots of special events at work, lots more time in the office and lots less time at home stitching ... so progress has been minimal at best. To further complicate matters, I seem to have found reading more relaxing in what little down time I have had this week. I have been re-reading the Brother Caedfel mysteries ... and am up to #20, Brother Caedfel's Penance, this week. It seems appropriate reading for early Lent [as much as any fictional book can be] since it deals with the issue of living one's vocation in the real world and the many challenges one faces in reconciling conscience and practice as well as resolving the conflicting calls of spirit and natural affection. And, hey, there's even a murder and a civil war and a captive languishing in a dungeon to keep the ghoulish and very secular part of my nature satisfied. Ellis Peters does a good job with the psychology of the crimes and manages to show respect and genuine understanding for the monastic vocation ... something relatively rare in recent times when authors try to outdo one another in their fierce attacks on anything Christian, but particularly on anything Roman Catholic. The novels combine English history, suspense, well wrought characters and an honest understanding of Church in the High Middle Ages ... what could be better? Besides, I can't seem to read the novels without seeing and hearing Derek Jacobi with my mind's eye and ear. My fondness for the actor makes this an added bonus!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A New Home for the Ort Jar

Ultimately, there were eight contestants for this little piece. I used the randomizer to select a number between one and eight and came up with this winner: #1, rspory. Since Rachel and I have met and corresponded before, I do have her address and may actually be able to get this off in the mail in a day or two.
I want to thank all who entered this contest ... I loved reading your comments.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekend Progress Report: March 6, 2011

I am posting this two days later than usual ... I had a very long weekend. In addition to the usual Saturday morning classes, I taught a 7th grade mini-course for three hours on Saturday and another three hours on Sunday ... spending 6 hours in one weekend with five 7th grade boys is many things ... but relaxing is not one of them. I also had to lector at Mass on Sunday and help out with the hospitality after the 9:30 Mass ... so when I finally, got home at about 5pm Sunday all I was in the mood for was a glass of wine, a bit of a meal and an early bedtime. The scary thing is I have to teach two more mini-courses over the next two weeks but at least there will be a blend of boys and girls in the next lot. Girls tend to be a little easier to deal with.

Last week, Monday's news of the death of Lisa Roswell, the designer who was the creative spirit behind The Primitive Needle, began the week on a very somber note. Oddly, many of her designs had to do with death: tombstone angels and epitaphs, a catalog of the Salem Witch Trial victims, and similar thematic material. One has to assume she had thought much about death [she was, after all, an RN working in a cancer treatment facility] and had come to terms with it as an abstract concept. At 51, she probably would not have thought to confront death as an immediate and personal and concrete concept ... at least, not in the ordinary course of events. But we are reminded that the ordinary course of events is a fantasy with which we all console ourselves in the face of uncertainty. This is not a predictable universe in which we live. Reminders of mortality, like Lisa Roswell's tombstone charts, are everywhere if we but open our eyes.

The loss of such creativity diminishes us all, but her work does remain: memory made tangible. I doubt that is much consolation to her family at this stage but perhaps, at some later time, they may take comfort in the knowledge that many stitchers continue to bring Lisa Roswell's vision into being with needle, floss and linen.

The Primitive Needle's The Black'd Skie is the Day 15 project of my Crazy January Challenge ... though in light of recent events I may decide to move it into my stitching rotation a wee bit earlier than that ... as a personal reminder to pray for her family as they struggle with their grief.

For the moment, though, I have concentrated on this piece during the past week:

Dragon Dream's The Ice Dragon's Kingdom. The needed flosses finally arrived so I have been able to stitch more of the dragon and backstitch more of the outline. The Ice Dragon no longer fades into the background but is beginning to stand out a bit. I decided to finish stitching the trees first. I wanted nice easy-to-handle DMC instead of specialty threads since the last few days have left me a bit weary. Even so, it seems there is some frogging in my future. I'll be moving onto the wings when I am ready to tackle some frogging and recounting since I can see that the wings are not meeting up with the tree branches as planned. Still, I continue to be optimistic about finishing this second Crazy January Challenge piece and starting on the third sometime before the end of the month.
After I get all the Crazy Challenge stuff taken care of, I am going to pull out Dragon Dreams' Dragon of the Winter Moon and Dragon of the Summer Sky, to complete my quartet. I stitched Storm Bringer many years ago. When I finally have a craft room, one wall in it will be designated as the Dragon Wall since I have many, many dragons stitched from a variety of designers: Teresa Wentzler, Vickey Mackey, Cross-Eyed Kat and others.

Ort Jar: I did stitch the cording onto the ort jar I am using for my March Giveaway but I confess to being slightly wounded ... a little after lunchtime on the 4th I checked to see how many folks had signed up to participate in the giveaway ... with 78 page views noted for the day there were still only 2 people who wanted the giveaway enough to comment. And I thought the thing was such a cute stitching accessory. It just goes to show that I am way out of step with mainstream stitchers ... either that or folks are not all that impressed with my little offering. I bet if I had offered the fat quarter of St. Patrick's Day material [which had been my other thought] there would have been more takers ... or maybe not. I have noted in the past that I am not all that good at gauging which of my giveaways will be popular and which will not ... those that I think will be quite popular tend to bomb and those that I figure won't be all that attractive seem to take off into the stratosphere. I am so clueless! Since that first day, a few more folk have signed on for a chance at the Ort Jar ... so I am feeling a little less wounded.

Friday, March 4, 2011

March Giveaway

I reached my 100th follower on January 4 [after I had already posted a chart giveaway], but since I stage my giveaways on the 4th of every month and 2/4/11 was devoted to celebrating my 500th post, the celebration of the 100th follower was deferred to March. At this time, I actually have 110 followers. I thought it would be nice to do something different, something more personal. So I prepared an ort jar with a lid stitched in a nice multicolored floss.
If you wish to enter your name for this giveaway, the following conditions will apply:
-- open to all stitchers
-- leave a comment below as to why you are interested in the giveaway
-- include an e-mail address in your post if clicking on your name will not lead me to an e-mail link
-- a winner will be selected on the 10th of the month and informed by e-mail

Good luck to all who enter.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Why does one project capture the imagination to the point that one simply can't put it down and another project doesn't, even though the second project is equally beautiful if not actually more so?

My obssesion with the Ice Dragon continues, with this result. The flosses needed to finish the dragon's body arrived in the mail on Tuesday. But as I get home from work at 9pm on Tuesday, I had to wait till Wednesday to put them to good use. I see a finish in my not-too-distant future!

There has also been some small progress on The Autumn Faerie. When last seen, the faerie looked like this. It is very difficult to find the exact spots on the chart to reference to fill in in the empty spaces in the full wing ... lots of counting and recounting ... and then pouring over the full page of symbols to find the right floss or combination of flosses ... it takes confetti stitching to the nth degree. It is somewhat easier to stitch the other, partially hidden wing. But my goal is to have section I complete by the end of the week, so both wings need to be worked on. Since I stitched the border first, parts of Section II, III and IV are already completed. Section II is not quite as densely charted as Section I ... considerably more white space in the design. And Sections III and IV each cover only a third as much chart as Sections I and II. So once Section I is completely stitched, I'll feel like I'll have gotten over the biggest hurdle for this project. I am hoping that will give me the momentum I need to finish this piece. As long as I seem to be in the one-project-at-a-time zone, I may as well go for another big finish! Here is another photo, with the progress made over the past few days. The casual observer may not discern much progress, but I assure you hours have been spent on this project between the first and second photos. Anyone who has ever stitched a large Teresa Wentzler piece will know exactly what I am talking about!!!

I am hoping to transfer the narrow focus that has characterized my stitching on the Ice Dragon to The Autumn Faerie. The Faerie is a three year WIP and long overdue for a finish. The Ice Dragon, on the other hand, will have been a WIP for just a little over a month before becoming a finish. Go figure!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


A few years ago, I discovered Lisa Roswell of The Primitive Needle and promptly began purchasing and stitching her designs. I had read a charming article about her work in a Just Cross Stitch issue and was intrigued by her vision.
Today, I read that she died ... victim of the flooding rivers fed by snowmelt in northwestern Ohio ... her car washed from the road. I read in her bio on her website that she was an RN ... so death was no stranger to her. It was clearly a topic on which she had thought much ... as evidenced by the many tombstone angels and epitaphs in her designs. I can only hope her own death was serene and peaceful, though I know nothing of the physiology of drowning.
My prayers are now for her family and friends. As to the stitching community, we have lost a bright light in the design firmament, a comet that flashed briefly across The Black'd Skie.

Assessing February Progress, Setting March Goals

I am starting with a photo of the Ort Jar ... lots of blues, whites and pale greys/silvers ... all the icy colors of The Ice Dragon's Kingdom which dominated my stitching in February.

Continue work on TW's Autumn Faerie: worked on this only one day, Feb. 28. Not a lot of progress but just enough to qualify as a goal met.
Crazy January Challenge:
continue working on the 15 projects in chronological order, insofar as the back-ordered floss problem permits. DONE. Completed Day 1 project [Sue Hillis's Cookie Santa] on 2/3 and nearly finished the Day 2 project [Dragon Dreams' The Ice Dragon's Kingdom]
Sewing/Finishing: Get as close to the bottom of the finishing basket as possible. Nothing.
Surface Embroidery:
work several hours a week on Encrusted Crazy Quilt Block. Nothing.
WIPs &UFOs from 2010:
Continue work on Workbasket's Quaker Sampler, the Jacobean Elegance afghan, the Fertile Circles Needlebook and the Beach Find Pansies panel. Nothing.

Another of the reasons that I didn't get to any of my 2010 WIPs this past weekend was that I was indulging in one of my other pastimes, reading. J.D. Robb's latest entry in her ...In Death series hit the bookstores last Tuesday. I ordered Treachery In Death directly from the B&N website since it saved me approx $13 over buying in the store. It arrived on Thursday. So this weekend, several hours normally devoted to stitching were diverted to reading.

BAP: Continue work on TW's Autumn Faerie
Crazy January Challenge: Complete the Day 2 and Day 3 projects [Dragon Dream's The Ice Dragon's Kingdom and Homespun Elegance's The Stitcher respectively]
Sewing/Finishing: Get as close to the bottom of the finishing basket as possible.
Surface Embroidery: work two hours a week on Encrusted Crazy Quilt Block project.
WIPs & UFOs from 2010: Continue work on Workbasket's Quaker Sampler, the Jacobean Elegance afghan, the Fertile Circles Needlebook and the Beach Find Pansies panel.